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Editor, the Advocate:

My last letter listed the planks of Communism/Socialism envisioned by Karl Marx. A cursory glance there is the appearance of utopia, but let’s look at the track record of socialist systems. Three forms of socialism in prominence during WWII were Fascism, National Socialism (NAZI) and Communism. All systems control or own outright the means of production, capital, of the economy and thereby the people.

Fascism, Mussolini’s Italy, allowed ownership, but controlled production by excessive regulation. National Socialism, Hitler’s Germany, did the same, but also owned outright some major industries. Communism was total government control or ownership of everything.

Pure Socialism not only controls by regulation and some major industries, but also public utilities and transportation. Lenin is to have said all socialism leads to communism.

Recently we have heard of Democratic Socialism, as seen in Scandinavian countries. Let’s look at Denmark. The tax rate is from 47% to 50% of income, depending on the source. According to the IMF the household debt is 270% of disposable assets. The Danes do save more, but the government uses this to finance more social programs. The number of Danes going to free college is approximately the same as United States. Free health care? Not really, it’s paid for by taxes, that is everyone. A look at socialized health care systems reveals long wait times, virtual shutdown of hospitals for months due to lack of funds, hours long waits in waiting rooms.

Guaranteed wages, if you could slough and make as much as anyone else, would you?

Do you want this country to continue the march toward socialism, or will you accept your citizen responsibility to assume more personal responsibility and work toward less government?

Anthony Corte, Victoria

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Pat Tally

It might be worthwhile for the Advocate, since we are a university town, to ask actual political scientists and historians to contribute columns with actual facts related to political dogma, parties and the government of other countries. Letters and comments from the general public are full of opinions And distortions put forward as facts. Republicans in Victoria seem to be fixated on defining what the Democratic Party is and what it wants. It would have been far more helpful for you to define what the Republican Party is now and what it wants for America. I fear your failure to do so and allowing the current resident of the White House to define you, has led to the demise of the GOP as we knew it.

Steve Fiedler

sure you ptally want some local academic political scientists and university historians to contribute columns. academia is notoriously packed with liberal bias and likely you have heard that. sorry, i dont trust that bunch for dispensing truth, but then as pilate asked, 'what is truth'? and isnt the purpose of 'opinion' the opportunity to allow mr corte, or you, or me, to offer our opinion - or is opinion only what you ms. tally deem 'helpful'? seems fairly obvious mr corte purposefully did not opine about the republican party, or that other left out party. and how are you able to know what 'defines' mr corte, or any other person for that matter? what defines you?

thank you mr corte for your letter, your opinion, and highlighting the left's march toward socialism. thank you mr thompson for calling the schwartz guy on his absolutely unfounded question on mr corte's education level. schwartz, that is not civil discourse.

George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

Of course people don't like your version of socialism because it's all lies. You and your Ayn Rand friends are flat out wrong and are what's wrong with this country. I wonder if you even finished high school.

Quincy Thompson

George, I don't know you and to be honest after reading your two line response I don't want to but your claim that the letter is all lies is a VERY DEEP pile of horse manure. It gives a general discourse on three types of government what fit the classification of Socialism and gives a warning of where we could be headed if a certain political party wins the election. I completely agree with Anthony and his letter and NO WE are not what is wrong with this country. You must be left of the left if you believe we are the problem, therefore YOU and your group are what is wrong with what is happening to this country. Biden is incompetent and Nancy is working up a 25th amendment commission that is set to take him out and put Harris in with Bernie, AOC and the squad ready to fill all voids. Bingo, Socialistic leadership and a Dem House and Senate that will pass anything they want, to include Supreme Court packing. The next thing you know we have a US version of Venezuela 2.0. Sounds reasonable to me but hey who am I but a guy who worries about the country I am leaving to my grandchildren. One last point George, I don't know your educational level but just for your information some of the most pompous, arrogant and uninformed people I have ever known had some of the highest education levels! At the same time some of the most logical, rational problem solving people I have ever known had little formal education but a lot of experience and rational thought process. I don't believe you fit the second group.

Steve Fiedler

very well said qt and thank you for speaking out and speaking up.

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