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After the horrendous murder of George Floyd, Confederate statues became targets throughout the nation. Myriads were toppled by the mob. However, they haven’t stopped there: statues of Francis Scott Key, Presidents Thomas Jefferson and George Washington in Portland, OR, the World War I Veterans’ Memorial in Birmingham, AL were either toppled or defaced.

Even statues of abolitionists Hans C. Heg and Mattias Baldwin experienced the rage of the horde. Ironically, the escalation of the mob frenzy has resulted in toppling a statue of President Ulysses S. Grant, the Union general who led the North in the Civil War to end slavery. Talk about erasing history and not knowing one’s history at the same time.

But what to make of this? People in other countries have also experienced this phenomenon on their way to totalitarian rule.

Take Elizabeth Rogliani of Venezuela, for example, who states, “Why do I even worry about some silly little statues coming down or some silly little street names changing? Why do I care?

“It is because the last time I didn’t care about this, I was a teenager. I have already lived through this thing when I was living in Venezuela. Statues came down — Chavez didn’t want that history displayed. And then he changed the street names. Then came the (school curricula). Then some movies couldn’t be shown, then certain TV channels, and so on and so forth.

“You guys think this can’t happen to you, I’ve heard it so many times. But always be on guard. Never believe something can’t happen to you. You’ve got to defend your country and your society, or it will be destroyed.” www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2020/06/23/venezuelan_to_americans_statues_coming_down_is_where_revolutions_start.html

Currently, some Victorians are agitating to take down a Confederate monument in DeLeon Square.

Removing the Confederate soldier might pacify some for a while, but as very recent history demonstrates, they will not be satisfied for long.

Previous letter writers to the Advocate were mocked online for predicting the throng would eventually clamor for renaming DeLeon Plaza, named for a Mexican empresario descended from Spanish aristocracy, and anything named after John C. Calhoun, defender of slavery and states-rights. However, they have been vindicated by the destructive momentum of anarchy that morphed from pulling down statues of Confederates to doing the same with Union General Grant and abolitionists. Where will it stop?

Don’t let it begin. Hold the line Victorians.

Mary Ann Wenske, Moulton

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Obvious to me is that we have many millions out of work because of a medical and economic calamity. Uncertainty causes chaos. Desperate people do desperate things. Also obvious is that, authorities have done little to stop the destruction of these monuments, almost like their not worth fighting over, especially during a pandemic. There is so many more important things we need to be focused on. We need a leader to pacify the crowds, and unite us to a common cause, particularly at times like these, and we certainly do not have one of those... Glen Ullman

Mike Gomez

I’m not an expert but I was born and raised in Victoria.

I remember when I was in junior high we integrated without incident.

I remember a vandal burned down the mosque and Victorians united behind the local Muslims.

Recently Victoria had a peaceful BLM March and decided that the monument issue will handled peacefully.

I really think Venezuela is a national RW issue because I can’t ever remember discussing the issue with any of my fellow Victorians.

I’m not saying it can’t happen here but my money says it won’t.

Rick Dockery

Venezuela should be a humanitarian issue. My friends left when Chavez took over. It’s terrible. Why would it be a RW issue? Is it because the President calls them out for what they are? Find Venezuelan or Cuban friends and ask their thoughts? Ask them what they think about freedom. I guess you’d have to say they are RW. Makes zero sense. Our country should stand up to these countries that treat their citizens like dirt. Try protesting in Cuba etc....

Mike Gomez

Rick,right now I don’t know anyone from Cuba or Venezuela but it has nothing to do with Trump. Countries all over the world are in turmoil,the right is laser focused on Venezuela because they are afraid socialism will take hold in that country and make its way to the United States. ..That domino effect is what led to our intervention into Vietnam. We started with advisors and mission crept in and we lost 58,000 troops in 20 year period.

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