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Editor, the Advocate:

In his column on Nov. 15, Walter Williams asks if Blacks should support the destruction of charter schools. He should ask if anyone thinks that is a good idea. Closing charter schools to prevent educational excellence is just one example of the fuzzy thinking coming from the progressive left in its backhanded movement toward equality. It is one step toward their idea of equality while subversively destroying freedoms for all Americans.

Is truth really stranger than fiction? Unfortunately the answer is yes. Kurt Vonnegut wrote a science fiction story, “Harrison Bergeron,” that eerily parallels progressive ideas of today’s left. In this story, the government passes an amendment to its constitution that dictates that all Americans are equal. The Office of the Handicapper General implements policies to ensure that no one is smarter, better looking or more physically able than another. Beautiful people must wear masks, thoughts of intelligent people are interrupted by loud noises, and strong people must carry extra weights to make their movements slow and awkward. In this way, no one will feel inferior.

In my opinion, the progressive left wants to close charter schools so no one will receive a superior education. And laws that control every facet of our lives will be passed in the name of achieving equality. However, equality cannot be legislated. If you have to make laws to make people equal, then people are not free. Equality and freedom are not the same.

Noble words like freedom and equality must not be taken lightly. We must continue to question the ways in which we achieve both.

Suzann Herricks, Victoria

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Glenn Wilson

What you're describing, Suzann, is equal outcome over equal opportunity. Liberals are intelligent enough to realize that humans are not born cookie-cutter equal or all exactly alike so why the pretense that they are? Because it goes hand in hand with the companion idea that nobody should have more or less of anything than anyone else, no matter what, an idea that resonates strongly with those who don't have much and can't or won't do what it takes to improve their situation. It's not especially popular with those who do what it takes to get what they need and want. Also, if a nation's population is to be subjugated it first has to be convinced that everyone is the same in order to wipe out any sense of individuality. For examples read Orwell's "1984" or Wells' Time Machine or any of the many, many dystopian novels.

Quincy Thompson

Excellent letter Suzann, much of this is driven by the teachers unions which seem be more interested in protecting their failing schools than educating our next generation. Many of these schools are more interested in left wing radical ideas instead of truth and basic ideas. How can they graduate kids who are not proficient in math or English. Thank you for writing.

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