Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

A watchman’s task is to warn people of impending danger. America needs God’s Christian spiritual watchman to be faithful and sound the alarm. Our nation is drifting away from God. Pastors, evangelist, Christian denomination leaders, Christian politicians, need to rise up and sound the alarm. For God will bring judgment on a people who forsake Him.

Ezekiel 3:7-21, tells us, that unless the people turn from their wickedness, God will bring judgment on them. The watchman has the responsibility to warn the people and the people have the responsibility, to heed the warning. Yes, God is love and His grace is overpowering, but He will come against rebellion for our own good.

In Ezekiel 33:1-20, we see the watchman — Ezekiel’s call from God, leading God’s people in a renewal of faith and hope and stressing the grace of God and turning from their waywardness, in immediate repentance and forgiveness.

Isaiah 56:9-12 tells us of watchman that are asleep, spiritual ignorant, dumb, and like dogs that do not bark, lying down in apathy and indifference, living to be relaxed and comfortable, greedy, loving their own way, out for themselves, living for the pleasures of the day (Epicureans). How can the people wake up, if no warning is given, because the watchman is spiritually asleep.

Isaiah 57:1-13, flagrant apostasy is rebuked, because evil has flooded in and our nation is running away from its creator, the Almighty Lord God. When God’s people go to bed with the world, all that they do in life with God and others is not blessed. God will not bless sin, rebellion, disobedience, compromise, unfaithfulness.

Don’t you think it is time for God’s spiritual leaders in this nation, be the watchman they are called to be? Where are the Ezekiels, Isaiahs, Elijahs of our day? All God’s people need to seek God’s face for themselves and our nation.

Pastor John Fisher, Point Comfort

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