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Editor, the Advocate:

Every four years during the presidential election, the battle cry of the Republican party is “the Socialists are coming, the Socialists are coming, they’re taking our guns!”

This country has had at least 14 Democratic presidents and we are still not a Socialist country, plus the United States has more guns than any other country in the entire world.

Time for the Republican party to get new material.

Beatrice Flores, Port Lavaca

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Daniel Lopez

Using numbers from the Washington Post that classify mass shootings as at least four people being shot and killed, Politifact Wisconsin found that number of mass shootings during the Obama era was higher but the ratio of shootings per year was lower. There were 41 mass shootings during the eight year Obama administration. HOWEVER, this is the first time that a candidate has proclaimed "Beto O'Rourke reiterated his support for a mandatory gun-buyback program of assault-style rifles on Thursday and said, "H**l, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47." The Presidential candidate stating he would assign an individual to carry out the Law of the Land. The Republicans "New Material" is in fact here and now.

Quincy Thompson

Never in the history of our country has there been such a rush to the "Left" as there has been now by the Democratic party. The entire primary was dominated by who could out left the other. When ask who would give free medical coverage to all illegal immigrants everyone on the stage raised their hand! Free collage education to everyone, probably includes a degree in basket weaving, and full forgiveness on all college debt. Guaranteed yearly income, whether you work or not, full medical coverage to include abortion at any stage. Total destruction of our economic system as we know it with shutdown of fossil fuel usage when we have finally achieved energy independence. And yes, Biden said he would make Beto his Gun Guy to get rid of those terrible ARs and AKs. Harris said she would use an Executive Order to get rid of 2nd Amendment. I don't believe Biden will last a year and then Harris, Bernie and AOC and the squad would be in power with a stacked Supreme Court and you now have full blown Socialism!

Rick Dockery

Do we really want a president who hides from a virus? We’ve come. Long way from bravery. Imagine fighting WW2 this way. The main issue though is his a major one. He is avoiding answering a question we deserve to know. Will you stack the court? I’ll let you know after the election is not acceptable. How can you be uniformed on that major decision and vote. Answer the question! The media should demand an answer . We deserve one.

Brian Vandale

Quincy, I totally agree.

Rick Dockery

Don’t worry, we are already there. Only one candidate stands for freedom. Jorgensen. Here are a few examples of the socialist state we live in:

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Public Schooling(Government controlled), federal income tax, welfare, public housing, educational grants, farm subsidies, food stamps, corporate bailouts, stimulus payments, immigration controls, the welfare state, the military establishment, the federal reserve, Amtrak, postal service, Tennessee valley authority, federally owned lands,.....

Mike Gomez

Rick, have you ever looked up the word socialism in the dictionary? Evidently not.Government services are not socialism.

Rick Dockery

Taking from one to give to another. What term is that? Maybe theft is a better term

Mike Gomez

How can it be theft if you signed the W-4 that authorized your employer to take out those taxes. Representative government determines how the money is distributed....I want to change things, do it at the ballot box.

Quincy Thompson


Rick Dockery

Forced theft. I don’t willingly sign the form, forced to. My wife and I calculated that we work the first 8 days for the government. I unfortunately watched the VP debate where it’s free this, free that. How is that the American way? We’ve come a long way from JFK’s ask not speech. Now, it’s what can the government do for me. It should be what can I do for the country and my life. Again Malcolm X said it best “ Beware of the white liberal.”

Glenn Wilson

Rick, many, if not most, of the government services on your list are for the benefit of everyone, not taking from one to give to another. Government services, collectively, are something that makes us a nation rather than a large collection of unrelated individuals who happen to live on the same continent. That said, if government services offend you feel free to move into the boondocks somewhere and live entirely on your own, off the grid. Even then you'll still have the government benefit of a military, but you won't have to pay for it.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Mike it seems the naysayers here are so concerned about the far left, that they let the far right run it off the rails...Glen

Rick Dockery

Mr. Wilson-I have to fight that dismissive attitude everyday. “If you don’t like it just leave” No. I pay my taxes, work my butt off, take care of my family, teach my kids they are VICTORS, not VICTIMS, and am unashamed of my belief that government is not the answer and no one owes you a thing. So no, I will not go run and hide, I will continue to promote a different view point that will be called crazy, dismissed, not allowed on to step forth on a debate stage. I am proud of what I stand for am I am very grateful that I am able to wake up everyday and do the best job I can do to better myself and others.

Glenn Wilson

Back up on Social Security, Rick. As just about everybody but you is aware, Social Security is funded by a dedicated tax on workers just for that purpose. It does NOT come from government funds as do the other things on your list, and is NOT a type of government welfare. Those who collect it worked and paid for it. It isn't a freebie handout.

Rick Dockery

Thus eliminating the forced paying of social security. I can do a much better job with my money than the government. As of now I give the government their cut, then have to take another 15-20% of my remaining salary to save and invest on my own. That’s the point. Yes, we pay in, but not by choice. Eliminating it would take time. Every worker would need a refund and retirees are guaranteed their share. The problem is the government has already dug that hole so deep that the younger workers have to pay to keep it sustainable.

Glenn Wilson

IMO, the forced paying of SS is what keeps a helluva lot of older folks off welfare in their "Golden Years". In my younger days the idea of putting money aside on my own to fund a retirement that seemed about 300 years away was not even considered, and I wasn't unique in that regard. About 3 decades later, with the kids on their own and my degree having kicked in professionally I was able to start saving and investing, but if I hadn't been able to do that SS would have been our salvation. I appreciate much of the Libertarian philosophy, but even more I appreciate the things that, as I said, tend to make us a nation rather than a bunch of unrelated people who happen to live on the same continent. It would help though if our government representatives worked for the benefit of the people who elected them instead of their corporate masters and, in the process, set and maintained a balanced budget.

Quincy Thompson

Rick and Glenn, this is a late post and it may not get read but I just wanted to tell both of you that I am in agreement with many points you have made. Glenn's last point of a balanced budget is really bugging me because when the interest rates go back up just the interest on the debt will be a huge burden. The "giveaways" need to stop and we need to get our house in order. LOL this is the one thing Dem Glen and I agree on.

Rick Dockery

I am very aware of how social security is funded.

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