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Editor, the Advocate:

I believe most Americans including many Democratic supporters do not want our nation to become a socialist country. In my opinion, the election of Joe Biden and his vice president will accelerate the socialist movement.

The COVID-19 virus has changed the dynamics of the election. As a result of the virus factor, it now appears the race for president will be close where only a few votes in key states could determine the winner.

In response to the COVID-19 virus, liberal politicians, leftist groups and allied media are pushing for mail-in ballots. Judicial Watch (a nonprofit investigative organization) has uncovered several ways our voting system could be manipulated fraudulently. First, many states have failed to follow the National Voter Registration Act which requires states to make a reasonable effort to remove names of ineligible voters from voter rolls. Dirty rolls are an open invitation to vote fraudulently.

The system of all mail-in voting used in some states involves ballots which are automatically distributed to all registered voters. In addition, a procedure known as Ballot Harvesting involves individuals who collect and return ballots to be counted. There is little or no way to check for voter ID with mail-in votes or to account for ballot collectors who could dump ballots not favorable for their party.

In Texas, before a voter can obtain a ballot to vote by mail, an initial application must be submitted requesting such ballot. Unless you are elderly, disabled, out-of-county during election periods, eligible but in jail, you cannot vote by mail-in ballot in Texas. Obviously, our system for mail-in absentee ballots is superior in preventing fraud.

Next, some states use an Automatic Voter Registration System where one is automatically registered to vote when you register your car at the local Department of Motor Vehicles. This increases the chances of double or illegal alien voters.

Some states allow same day voter registration which leaves no time to check for voter eligibility as well as permitting unscrupulous individuals to vote in more places.

In conclusion, mail-in voter fraud could become a game changer in the election. In my opinion, liberal politicians and leftist groups are trying to weaponize the COVID-19 virus crisis in order to downgrade in-person voting. Such groups are advocating all mail-in voting even though medical experts say in-person voting can done safely by following recommended safety guide lines.

Allen J. Novosad, Edna

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gregory goetz

RD, do you have more than this one from recent years? Those on the fence re voter suppression/fraud and with an open mind would do well to look up Greg Palast. He focus(s)es on this in recent years. He used to investigate financial crimes, then corporate malfeasance in the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Also the Deepwater Horizon disaster in which BP had the same type of blowout in the Caspian Sea and moved the same eqpt to the Gulf where the same type blowout killed people. And polluted so much, ruining livelihoods of people and animals. Palast could use more donations. The effort by Republicans to suppress the votes of likely Dem voters is extreme and has been so for years. He tells us how he knows and how to fight it.

Rick Dockery

I don’t know. Saw that article yesterday while reading the DMN. I’ll show up and vote. Mail yours in. I’ll also read each candidate and select one. Get straight ticket and just check red or blue. Do as you wish, it’s only an election.

gregory goetz

I repeat: voter suppression by Repubs is extreme for years. I will early-vote in person. Will take my birth cert, DL(which is not "Real ID" yet; my scheduled appt to convert has me waiting until 12/28), a fresh utility bill, and the elections office card/voter reg certificate they mailed me that says I am registered thru 12/31/21 . I was denied my vote 4y ago when my DL was expired. 3 trips to DMV deterred me by crowds. Election office suggested I get a passport to try to validate my provisional ballot. Gave up.

Willie Ellis

Last Tuesday nights 90 minute “Trump Clown Show” has revealed before our eyes Trump’s plan to derail the election by destroying trust in our election process. No American should be quite about what Trump showed us in his 90 minute “Clown Show”.

Quincy Thompson

Mr. Ellis

1. President Donald J. Trump is NOT trying to derail the election process by destroying trust in the system. He is trying to prevent voter fraud with the massive ballot mailouts that are being done.

2. If Trump had called Biden "a clown" I bet you would be going crazy talking about how classless and un presidential he was. Strange how that goes for one side but not the other. I shouldn't be surprised however as that is the way the "fake news" is today.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Voter fraud has been a Negligible problem in the past, but who knows with Trump and his unscrupulous tendencies. If there was to be any fraud I would expect to be done digitally, not through tons of paper ballots. I also think fascism trough Trump is more likely than socialism through Biden...Glen Ullman

Quincy Thompson

Mr. Novosad was spot on in his letter about the possible issues. We have had issues with voting for years, LBJ was elected by people who were in the graveyard, but our system has worked pretty well until now. These massive ballot mailouts are setting the stage for all types of corruption and issues and no Glen this is NOT being done by Trump but by DEMOCRATIC states! Also Socialism is front and center on the ballot in the Democratic platform, if you would just read it, so how can you say your last statement? Biden would probably be gone within a year if elected and with Harris as President the floodgates would be opened and hard to stop. If Biden won't even answer the question about stacking the Supreme Court, Harris wouldn't either, you don't even know what you are trying to elect. If you would check out Harris background you will find that she has absolutely no moral base and will say and do whatever is necessary to get elected. Her first mentor won't even endorse her! Glen I get that you don't like Trump but if Biden is elected we will loose our country to Berni and AOC and that is Socialism!

Rick Dockery

Those who vote by mail should be getting their groceries delivered. If you can stand in line at Walmart, you can vote. Do your civic duty, and make sure the vote is counted. This mail ballots to all is ludicrous. If you are truly quarantined, then by all means vote by mail.

Mike Gomez

Rick, as a libertarian what happened to freedom to vote as you wish? I do use curbside for my groceries but what does that have to do with mail-in voting? I have been voting by mail for ten years because of the convenience. Don't lecture me about civic duty...You are entitled to belive all the propaganda you want.

Rick Dockery

That was my opinion. Didn’t mean to lecture you. I was speaking more to the concept of mailing ballots to all. You are very diligent in making sure your vote is in on time, and we need more voters such as yourself. I’m not sure the libertarian stance is vote however. I’m also not saying that the mail in option should be taken away. I will say that I’m tired of hearing that people of color are at a disadvantage, especially with not having the straight ticket option. I am perfectly capable of reading a ballot and choosing each candidate. I also vote for Democrats and Republicans. Especially locally. The democratic/republican candidate for let’s say, theoretically dog catcher may be a great option, but if people just hit the R or D, then that candidate may lose or have to campaign even harder to get people to vote for them.

Rick Dockery

Ummm from today


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