Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

The Advocate failed to quote the most persuasive speaker against removing the Last Stand, missed the headline and missed the story about city council meeting July 21. Headline: “UHV employees and Citizens for the Community Crossroads TX (CTC CTX) organized Task Force drives removal of statute from DeLeon Plaza.”


UHV: Joseph Locke (speaker, history professor); Laura Mammina (speaker, history professor); Nadya Pittendrigh (speaker, professor); Rebecca Lake (speaker, ended comments and coordinated attack); Glenn Chance (provost, academic dean);

CTCCTX: Lisa Ruiz (speaker); Kim Pickens (speaker)

Josh Garret (speaker, video script tracked above talking points)

Organized minorities defeat an unorganized majority.

Best quote, Vanessa Calloway: “I am a proud African American (native Victorian, woman and soldier) and I can speak for myself. I do not need liberals or anarchists or BLM members to speak for me. … If you allow this statue to be removed, you are saying we are all guilty as charged. … Do not bow down to these bullies … You leaders have the power to put an end to this by tabling it, until we deal with this Covid pandemic and get our children back in school. Get to work concentrating on what we put you in office to do. Don’t waste time with this attempt to move us closer to socialism and communism… do not allow this statute to be removed from its current location. Doing so is the first domino of peace, safety and harmony that we currently enjoy to fall….”

Don’t table. Courageously say no. The Rule of Law, Constitutions, federal and state statutes require this. Removal is arbitrary, capricious and outside of police power.

Advocate Tip: follow the money. Who funds CTCCTX?

In my opinion, these UHV professors teach students “what to think,” rather than “how to think” — indoctrination, rather than education. Historians pushing to remove statues favor Progressive Ideology in Culture War and have political agendas; re-write history and radicalize students. This statue stands in the way.

For decades, this statue brought priceless memories shared with my son. White Supremacy, Confederacy or slavery, never entered my mind. After rejecting that symbolism, this statue symbolizes American values: courage to face danger, overwhelming odds, defending liberty (no uniform); fortitude, sacrificing and enduring hardship for beliefs (hence wound and tattered clothes – (strange image to symbolize White Supremacy)) and integrity to oppose tyranny when the powerful forget legitimacy of government is based on consent of the governed (hence the gun).

Don Crawford, Victoria

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(7) comments

Rick Dockery

Is it really courageous to go with the flow?

Glenn Wilson

From the last paragraph, "this statue symbolizes American values..." -- By applying these standards one could justify having statues of every enemy America has fought. I'm thinking how great it would be, then, to add statues of WW2 Axis troops, and maybe British troops from the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. All consideration of slavery, racism and Political Correctness aside, Confederate troops were enemy troops, killing Americans. The statue should be removed in an orderly fashion from a place of honor to a more appropriate location, such as a museum or the area of a cemetery where Confederate troops are buried; no enemies honored, no history lost.

Mike Gomez

Exactly Glenn ,well stated. But this is Victoria,Texas we will take a vote for and the outcome is inevitable.

Allen T Coffey

Exactly, Glenn.

Steve Fiedler

Agreement mr c.

Tim Foerster

You won't appease the woke mob. Lease the statue where it is...

Allen T Coffey

No courage is required to back the oppressive status quo ante. Courage is required to take the Confederate propaganda down.

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