Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

So, help me understand. You are a Trumper and will support him in spite of all things.

A. You really believe that He can shoot someone and get away with it. Yes? Check!

B. You are OK with him being a white supremacist, a nationalist and prejudiced against Jews, Muslims, and any other race that is not Anglo. Yes? Check!

C. You are OK with him telling lies once or twice a day since he took office. Over 1,000 times Yes? Check!

D. You are OK with him pulling out of the United Nations and leaving the United States standing alone if war breaks out. Yes? Check!

E. You are OK with him telling the world and us that He believes Putin over our FBI Department when the FBI reported the Russians were involved in helping him win the presidency. Yes? Check!

F. You are OK with him asking a foreign country to find dirt on his political opponents (Russia, China, Ukraine? Yes? Check!

G. You are OK with him bypassing Congress when making major decisions concerning the well being of our country and our way of life? Yes? Check!

H. You are OK with him exercising his office power to do whatever he deems proper whether right or wrong? Yes? Check!

I. You are OK with him disrespecting our constitutional laws and disrespecting his fellow government employees and calling them names? Yes? Check!

J. You are OK with him reversing everything that President Obama put into law simply because he does not like him or because he is black? Yes? Check!

K. You are OK with him not showing his tax records leaving suspicion of wrongdoing on his part? Yes? Check!

L. You are OK with him separating children from their parents and then putting them in cages in deplorable health conditions? Yes? Check!

M. You are Hispanic, black, Asian or other and still support POTUS? Yes? Check!

If you agree with most of these questions; I highly recommend that you seek an exorcist to clean your soul and release you from POTUS’s spell on you. You have been indoctrinated by the great cultist in the White House. You and one-third of our inhabitants and all the Senate Republicans are under the same spell. Remember, God will follow you all the way to the doors of hell in the hope that you will repent before it’s too late.

Frank Torres, Victoria

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Ron Sandidge

I will pray for you Mr. Torres. You have violated at least half of God's ten commandments, mostly bearing false witness. Probably because of your watching those bearers of that blatant false witness.

Michael Gomez

I hear you Frank; whenever I ask similar questions, I get scripted talking points. You know the ones. Look at the stock market, justices and black unemployment.

You do have a couple of people praying for you in a “holier than thou “sort of way.

Grace Butler

If Mr. Torres is violating the commandments, surely he deserves the same forgiveness extended to the president, who has violated many of the same? I don't understand forgiving the president(because that's our Christian duty), but not forgiving others of the same sins? You can't be a Christian and cast judgement on one and not the other; we are called to cast judgement on no one, because we ourselves are imperfect sinners. So this entire argument is sinful, isn't it?

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