Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

This letter is in response to Ms. Schaefer’s May 5th letter to the editor about the Weesatche meeting.

I am a Goliad landowner. Unlike the vast majority of Goliad landowners, I have had illegal immigrants on my land. About three years ago, I received a call from a neighbor saying there was law enforcement activity going on in our pasture. Going outside, I heard sirens. I quickly secured our dogs who were barking in that direction. I drove to where a deputy was at the corner of our land and was advised they were chasing a coyote and passengers on U.S. 59. The coyote fled to the county road abutting our land, ditched the vehicle, and along with his passengers bailed. At least one was tracked into our pasture by dogs deployed by law enforcement. Were we threatened by the illegals? No. But our dogs were at risk since they take a dim view of strange dogs invading their territory. Had I not secured them, they would have likely attacked the tracking dogs and had been killed by local law enforcement on our land.

The illegals were only on our land because the sheriff’s department was trying to apprehend them. They weren’t coming to Goliad; they were passing through on the way to Houston.

Some of our local officials are stirring fear by claiming we are in a war, being invaded by illegals. Goliad is not a border county.

We are 180 miles from the border. Illegals aren’t walking through our county and camping here as suggested by Ms. Schaefer. They are being transported by coyotes in vehicles and only stop in Goliad when forced by local law enforcement. As one rancher on the other side of the county told me, if local law enforcement didn’t pursue illegals there would be no threat to Goliad citizens. It is only when local law enforcement gets involved that illegals become a threat out of desperation to escape.

I know of zero neighbors impacted by illegals, but I know of many who have been burglarized and one even murdered by our own citizens, not illegals.

I know of no fatalities in Goliad County caused by illegals during the last 12-14 months, while according to the Advocate, 13 have died from COVID-19. Many of the same people stirring up fear of illegals downplay the real threats of the virus and our home-grown citizen criminals.

Charles Clapsaddle, Goliad

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James Chandler

Many years back, our minister told our congregation that whatever our position is on immigration that it needs to be based on scripture. That has stuck with me and I seldom wade into these discussion. Also if there is any issue where you should follow your own conscious and not your political party's position, it is on immigration. Mr. Ulman's comment that there should be more rich people exploiting the immigrants is very sad. Shows how many people again can't think outside there political box even on inhumane positions

Glen or Janice Ullman

Mr. Chandler, exploiting is your word not mine. I prefer the word helping. They are coming here to seek work and a new life...Glen

Claudia McCarty

Thank you Mr. Clapsaddle for your voice of reason! Ironically, the law intent on playing chase instead of solving real cases are probably eating at the very restaurants many of these folks work at.

C Droost

"... if local law enforcement didn’t pursue illegals there would be no threat to Goliad citizens. It is only when local law enforcement gets involved that illegals become a threat out of desperation to escape."

Well said Mr. C.

Rick Dockery

So the argument is for law enforcement to not enforce the law? May I pick a law? I would love to grow pot on my land. I won't run out of desperation if you leave me be. That's a trade I'd be willing to make

Charles Clapsaddle

Perhaps it would be better to leave immigration enforcement up to ICE, the federal agency tasked with the enforcement. I recently read an essay signed by over a hundred local law enforcement officers making the argument that they should not be enforcing immigration laws because that interferes with the community policing, making their jobs harder.

Rick Dockery

Assuming ICE does their job and pulls noncitizens over and they politely leave the scene, then ICE could go after them? Do we then have the DEA enforce the drug stops? Law enforcement may not know whether it's a cartel human smuggler or drug smuggler they are pulling over. How do they distinguish when pulling a traffic violation over? When they pull a vehicle over, and 12 people sprint out, do they call ICE? Do they limit traffic stops? I'm unclear how you determine who to pull over?

Glen or Janice Ullman

I’m with you Charles, people have been pouring over our Southern border forever, wall or no wall. The vast majority just looking for work. The shining city on the hill has always drawn a crowd, but now if they make it over they can get a free COVID shot, and luckily we have an excess, because a lot of bullet proof Americans don’t want it. Idaho is looking for refugees to fill job vacancies. Looks to me like a few rich entrepreneurs would be clamoring to hire some eager and hungry manpower?...Glen

Mike Gomez

Rick you’re missing the point…Everyone wants law enforcement to arrest the human and drug traffickers . The author is stating that Goliad and our surrounding counties are not being targeted but are the victims of a pinching point when the offenders escape.

Rick Dockery

I'm not following as to what to do when the people flee?

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