Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

For years, Socialists have been trying to change America to reflect a more European type of socialist government.

Today, the radical socialist arm of the Democratic Party has basically taken control. Their goal is to promote socialism by using the political strategy of divide and conquer. It is clear/obvious the negative effect radical socialists have had on Democratic candidates running for president. Almost all these candidates support most of the radical “Green New Deal” proposals. Most clear thinking Americans realize the Green New Deal proposals are irrational, uneconomical and, if implemented, would destroy our economy and raise our national debt to an unsustainable level.

The following list of negative events/activities, legal and illegal, perpetrated upon America by radical socialists prove they are the root cause of national divide and the resulting side effects thereof.

The use of the “race card” is one of their main terrorist tools to cause heightened racial tensions resulting in gun violence, cop killing/hatred and riots/demonstrations. Their belief in abortions has been vigorously defended even though millions of Americans believe such is morally wrong, inhumane/barbaric, violates the sanctity of life and religious beliefs. Statistically, as reported by the Guttmacher Institute, “59 million” unborn babies have been killed since 1973. One of the most devious tactics used by socialists is the concept of “political correctness,” which is a form of mind control to remove common sense and initiative in one’s decision making for fear of ridicule/backlash and possible loss of a career.

Radicalization of college students by college socialistic professors has served to demonize capitalism, our constitution and American culture. Blocking Trump from solving the border crisis and refusing to legislate new immigration laws/policies has caused chaos in all phases of our society.

Radical Democrats are still trying to impeach Trump despite findings by the Mueller Report and Congressional investigations of no significant wrongdoings. Their continuous, relentless harassment of the President’s Administration serves to prove radical’s strategy to challenge, legally/illegally, every political action taken by Trump regardless of the consequences to our nation.

We are becoming a dysfunctional society as orchestrated by the radical socialist movement/ideology. Our cognizant abilities, morals and Christian values have been seriously downgraded to such an extent as to negatively affect the mindset and/or mental state of naive and medically challenged Americans.

Therefore, one must conclude radical socialists are the main cause of national divide and its nefarious outcomes.

Allen J. Novosad, Edna

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Steve Fiedler

well said mr novosad

Michael Gomez

The month must have gone by because it’s another Novosad conspiracy letter to the editor.

Let me guess, the Republicans have the Senate, the executive, and 5-4 SCOTUS majority but somehow, it’s the evil radical Democrats at fault for all the ills. They are trying to spread socialism and we are powerless.

Only a radical partisan doesn’t believe that Trump tried to obstruct justice by sending a private citizen, Cory Lewandowsky to instruct the then-attorney general Jeff Session to stop the investigation. There are a lot of reasons to impeach, it’s time-consuming because each day there’s another scandal.

So, Wilson wants to back to days when there was no “political correctness?” You mean pre-Civil Rights or the 1950s and Jim Crow. No thank you I’m thankful the 14th Amendment was strengthened.

Our conflicted nation cannot be attributed to a racists /birther president because it doesn’t fit the narrative the author is trying to present.

Yes, Walter, your list was on point. Novosad’s next letter will be a carbon copy and once again his minions will nod in approval.

Glenn Wilson

Mike -- "So, Wilson wants to back to days when there was no “political correctness?" -- Sorry, a snarky, out of context dismissal isn't going to work. My memory doesn't reset on a daily basis so that everything, however atrocious, seems normal and good. Political Correctness used to be a term referring to government mind control and how to stay alive in a dictatorship; Maoist China, Stalinist Russia and anybody's North Korea for examples. In the U.S. we're literally eaten up with it and getting worse daily, primarily due to Social Media, a very convenient and effective way to spread the intensely divisive infection. Due to the filter of Social Media it's impossible to determine just where it's originating or why, but I suspect that Democrats and Republicans are just unwitting pawns in the plan, whatever it turns out to be.

Michael Gomez

Glenn: I don’t think you can make up your own definition to make my assertion/question out of context. We are living in the year 2019….politically correct adjective

Definition of politically correct

: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in matters of sex or race) should be eliminated ….Merriam-Webster

I don’t have any problem separating truth from fiction. Google is my friend but then again, I try to stay out of discussions that I belong in; especially if I don’t have a working knowledge of the subject. Twitter, podcasts and social media are great sources if you have a working knowledge of the subject.

Glenn Wilson

I didn't make up that definition of Political Correctness. That's how it, as I said, used to be. In many parts of the world it still is. Take your "great sources" and check it out, or go take a vacation in North Korea. Our version, comparatively speaking, is less dramatic and fatal in the short run, but just as deadly to our culture. BTW, did you happen to notice any conflict between your dictionary definition and the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution? As you may have heard, the First is intended to protect all speech, not just speech that angers or offends nobody. (I'm leaving off libel, slander and yelling "FIRE" in a theater.) Being un-offended is not a Constitutional right.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Mr. Wilson I believe you have the definition of political correctness confused with the definition for Brain Washing. Political correctness strives to respect gender, race, ethnicity, sex, etc. Brain washing strives to indoctrinate someone’s beliefs system.

Janice Ullman

Glenn Wilson

Glen or Janice -- I'm not confusing anything. As currently practiced in our society political correctness is a form of brain washing as you described.

Ron Sandidge

AHHHH, Logic, Common Sense and fresh air a joy in our crazy world... I applaud you.

Glenn Wilson

An excellent summary, Allen. The really unnerving aspect of this all too accurate scenario is how thoroughly entrenched and accepted Political Correctness has become by the country and both political parties. It's the underlying driver for most of the rest, and, unchecked, will push us the rest of the way down to Orwell's 1984. We're already well on the way. My hope is that future generations will look around and say, "what the heck's going on?!" and get things turned around.

Walter Raab

Not that anyone reads Mr Novosad's letters anymore, let's do a trigger check:

Socialist - check (11 times!!)

Radical - check (10 times!!)

Race - check

Abortion - check

Divide - check

Religious Belief - check

Impeach - check

Trump - check

Immigration - check

Green New Deal - check

Pretty good I must admit.

Glenn Wilson

Walter -- If you can't muster a factual rebuttal, then obfuscate - check

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