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Editor, the Advocate:

Let us take the political bias out and state the facts and evidence. A conservative political website, “The Washington Free Beacon,” contracted with Fusion GPS for opposition research on Republicans candidates. They stopped and Clinton’s Campaign Attorney and the DNC hired Fusion GPS for opposition research on Trump. Fusion GPS subcontracted Steele to compile the dossier. The dossier main allegations were Russia and Putin tried to prop up Trump over Clinton and many Trump campaign members had frequent secret contacts with Russia. The Mueller investigation corroborated these allegations.

The Steele Dossier was not the reason law enforcement opened the “Crossfire Hurricane” counterintelligence investigation into Russia interference in the 2016 presidential election. An employee of another government informed law enforcement that George Papadopoulos, a Trump campaign member, told him Russians had damaging material on Clinton.

The Mueller Report concluded Russia interfered in a “sweeping and systematic fashion” and there were substantial links with the Trump campaign but the available evidence did not establish the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government – no conspiracy. Two key terms are “substantial links” and “available evidence.” A total of 34 individuals and three companies were indicted. Eight (five Trump associates/campaign officials) were convicted of felonies. The report states evidence was incomplete because of encrypted/deleted/unsaved communications and false/incomplete/declined testimonies. Trump refused to be interviewed, opted to reply in writing to their questions but did not answer all questions, invoked executive privilege and defied subpoenas.

There were ten items of potential obstruction by the President described in the Mueller Report. The report states: They could not indict a sitting President per an Office of Legal Counsel Opinion, would not accuse him of a crime since they could not charge him, and Congress can decide whether Trump obstructed justice.

The Ukranine Impeachment Inquiry is similar to a grand jury, done behind closed doors. There are Democrat/Republican members taking testimony. After the collection of evidence, a charge for or against impeachment will be handed down. Then the Senate will hold an open trial.

Dividing America is political marketing of nonfactual information and conspiracy theories, degrading attacks on people/institutions and lazy Americans who believe everything they see, read and/or hear. I would tell everyone what I told my 9-year-old grandson when he asked, “Is everything on TV true?” “No, it is not. You will have to determine what is/is not true based on facts.”

Janice Ullman, Victoria

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Ron Sandidge

"Since its launch in February of 2012, the Washington Free Beacon has retained third party firms to conduct research on many individuals and institutions of interest to us and our readers. In that capacity, during the 2016 election cycle we retained Fusion GPS to provide research on multiple candidates in the Republican presidential primary, just as we retained other firms to assist in our research into Hillary Clinton. All of the work that Fusion GPS provided to the Free Beacon was based on public sources, and none of the work product that the Free Beacon received appears in the Steele dossier. The Free Beacon had no knowledge of or connection to the Steele dossier, did not pay for the dossier, and never had contact with, knowledge of, or provided payment for any work performed by Christopher Steele. Nor did we have any knowledge of the relationship between Fusion GPS and the Democratic National Committee, Perkins Coie, and the Clinton campaign."

Michael Gomez


Ron Sandidge

Correction... Not from NPR.

"The Washington Free Beacon is a privately owned, for-profit online newspaper that began publication on February 7, 2012. Dedicated to uncovering the stories that the powers that be hope will never see the light of day, the Free Beacon produces in-depth investigative reporting on a wide range of issues, including public policy, government affairs, international security, and media. Whether it’s exposing cronyism, finding out just who is shaping our domestic and foreign policy and why, or highlighting the threats to American security and peace in a dangerous world, the Free Beacon is committed to serving the public interest by reporting news and information that is not being fully covered by other news organizations."

Michael Gomez

Sandidge’s cut and paste left out a key part “ The Washington Free Beacon is an American conservative political journalism website launched in 2012.” Meaning it’s RW confirmation bias...I call it a RW rag

Glenn Wilson

Janice - "You will have to determine what is/is not true based on facts." -- Too bad it's not that easy. What facts? Whose facts? We get nearly all of our information pertaining to "the facts", directly or indirectly, from the media, MSM or social. Even in the Walter Cronkite days MSM had agendas and spin, but nothing like it is now. Other than personal observation of the reported events by each of us there is no way to know the actual truth of anything in any media. Everyone's opinions are based on a combination of possibly real facts, belief, BS and confirmation bias, especially in the political arena, Republican, Democrat or whatever. None of them are our friend.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Glen, because of the internet you do not have to rely on anyone’s spin of the information. Go to the source for your information. Need a Government stat - go to their website. Need to know the results of the 2016 Election Interference Investigation read the results of the investigation submitted by Mueller. My point is to ignore political spins and do the research.


Michael Gomez

Thank you very much...It’s 100% accurate and every word can be easily substantiated. I’m going to print it and use it as a reference. I liked how your timeline and how the article disputes the GOP talking points

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