Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

Mr. Walters had quite a bit to say about our president in his letter from Oct. 16. I would like to remind him of our previous president and all the shenanigans that were pulled by that administration. If ever any president needed to be impeached, it was him. I would like to remind him of the fiasco in Egypt and the American embassy. These people were left out to dry with no help given to them. Then Ms. Clinton ran for the top office and the Democratic party backed her to the hilt. Please look back at all the huge donations that were made by individuals.

Also, he claimed that 90 percent of American people wanted gun control. He had better check again. I don’t know where he got his information from, but it must have been Democratic propaganda because that is not what I can find. Anyhow, regardless of the party affiliation, we need to get behind our president and also pray for God’s guidance in their decisions.

Walter Rosenbrock, Port Lavaca

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Need to quit looking back at what can not be changed. Need to look at what is happening now. To give bad behavior permission based on prior bad behavior is ludicrous.


Michael Gomez

I don’t remember any scandal in the Obama administration. Never heard anyone bringing up articles of impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors. Perhaps you want to do a little more research. I don’t remember an Embassy being attacked in Egypt but I do remember the one in Benghazi Libya. That’s the same one where Republicans I had a congressional investigations and found that Obama and Hillary did nothing controlled investigations ,I might add. That’s the one where Hillary Clinton actually answered the subpoena and testified for 11 hours until Trey Gowdy threw up his hands and said “ I’ve got nothing.” On Oct 2,2017 Politifact check to see if 90% of Americans want gun control...They rated that true.The latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (Aug19,2019) staled 89% wanted extended Background checks 76% favorite red flag laws and 75% favored buy back programs. It seems like you’re the one Out of touch....It’s certainly your prerogative to follow Trump but most of the country doesn’t.

Glenn Wilson

G or J Ullman -- Reviewing the past is one way of learning from our mistakes so we don't just blunder along making the same ones again and again. Unfortunately, humans are poor learners or are poor at applying what they've learned, but it's worth the effort.

Michael Gomez

Today,whataboutism is used to justify a current mistake. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I.e. “ Shouldn’t have ever intervened in the Middle East in the first place is not a strategy for the problems that exist today.

Glenn Wilson

Mike --Realization that we "Shouldn’t have ever intervened in the Middle East in the first place" is needed in order to formulate a strategy for the problems that exist today, such as applying our resources to things that help this country rather than continuing to pour vast amounts of money down the same old Middle East toilet.

Glen or Janice Ullman

I agree. We should learn from history and not repeat the same mistakes. But we do not condone current bad behavior with prior bad behavior.

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