Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

Ship of fools, an old self-explanatory term, aptly describes ship USS USA now sinking under the weight of her fool captains, crew, passengers and all their foolery. Fools run both political parties. A fool is leaving the White House, a new fool and company coming in.

Fools run our nation’s halls of government, fools overrun those halls. Fools right and left think there will come no reckoning for endlessly spending money that is backed only by their printing press.

Fools run most big cities, shutting down businesses, cutting down policing, ignoring crime laws they deem inconvenient for the ‘disadvantaged’.

Fools burn parts of cities across the land, fools enable, allow, fund and even cheer it. Criminal fools call themselves protesters and activists.

Fools in charge allow other fools to occupy public and private property because they declare their ‘right’ to it.

Fools run ineffective school systems with bloated budgets but cry out for more money to fix it.

Fools disrupt other people’s evening out and brazenly dare them not to cheer their self-righteous cause.

Fools think only their lives matter.

Fools get people fired and otherwise canceled out if you don’t think and do as they dictate.

Fools on cable news wouldn’t recognize truth if it was self-evident, but quoting the blind fool Pilate ‘what is truth’? He didn’t see Truth when Truth stood before him.

Fools plan grand global schemes to gather power and lucre.

Fools say unite while wielding sword rather than offering olive branch.

Fools look to science for answers, yet when science DNA clearly identifies two human genders, they push science aside with constructs to ‘prove’ unlimited gender ‘identities’.

Fools attempt to engineer equalness from human nature and even nations, even though equalness is unnatural in humans and nature itself.

Fools must think us as fools, ignorant of their hypocrisy of demanding everyone equal, except themselves who rule over the equals.

Fools call evil good and good evil. God says woe to those fools, but they know not God, playing at god themselves. Claiming to be wise they became fools.

We elect fools to captain and crew our ship, we are fools for doing so. A new squad of fools thinks they have all the answers, tired old failed ideas but they think they will make it successful because they are new and improved over those old fools. A fool and his country are soon parted.

Steve Fiedler, Victoria

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(3) comments

Frances Vesely

Very good letter.

Quincy Thompson

My complements on an excellent letter Steve!

Norris Broussard

I totally agree. What can I do to make a difference?

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