Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

In a country badly divided and tribalized by politics, somebody should be standing up for the current Oval Office resident.

For those who believe erroneously that party is the only criterion that matters when choosing a president, nothing a democratic president could ever do would satisfy them. But for those who believe a president should be chosen for his character, honesty, experience, and moral compass and not merely party, Biden rates very highly.

Thank you, Mr. Biden, for bringing dignity, honor, honesty, and competence back to the White House. Biden’s moral fiber has kept him from becoming contentious with the Trump GOP Senators who make it clear they hate him with a passion – as directed by their disgraced mentor, ex-president Trump.

How any person could hate someone like Biden is a mystery.

While the GOP wastes millions of dollars on bogus voter audits and election fraud, Biden has pulled off what Trump never could – an infrastructure deal with (gasp) even Mitch McConnell’s cooperation. In other words, Joe’s virtually pulled a rabbit out of a hat.

Thank you, Joe, for laying the law down to Putin – something Trump was terrified of doing.

Thank you, Mr. President, for the stimulus relief. We can only hope your detractors appreciated theirs, since so many people needed it desperately.

Many thanks, Mr. Biden, for the massive vaccination effort, which has helped our economy rebound after Trump’s inept handling of the pandemic response.

And thank you for honoring the police officers who defended the Capitol on Jan. 6. Four of those policemen committed suicide earlier from feeling betrayed by right-wing media who ridiculed them on TV.

Those who want to blast Biden for withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan should remember that these were to be withdrawn anyway, as per the Trump plan set up in 2020.

Put another feather in your cap, Joe. Get rid of those awful Jewish space lasers that Marjorie Taylor Green says are causing the California wildfires.

If Biden has “mental decline”, we can only imagine where that leaves “The Donald”, who actually believes he will be reinstated as president before the year’s out.

And, by the way, Donald who?

P.S. There is no such thing as a reinstatement of a president.

Mark Walters, Victoria

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(8) comments

James Chandler

I recall when my hero, Ronald Reagan, started mentally declining during the last year of his Presidency. I tried to deny it also. President Biden no longer has the mental capacity to be our President. Even the biased media that propelled Biden to the Presidency is having to acknowledge (likely to help their ratings since they can't bash Trump). Shame on the Democratic Party and our liberal media for keeping Biden hidden and fooling 80 million voters. I'd like to think there are a few honest, principled Democratic congressman that will invoke the 25th Amendment. I guess when your next in command is a silly, inexperienced, unqualified, adulteress, they have painted themselves in a corner. Looks like the Democrats are taking their turn at having it all and losing it. By the way, someone owes the American people an answer on who is the person(s) giving the most powerful man in the world instructions on what he can and cannot say and do. Very scary times for our country.

Rick Dockery

He's got to hang in there. Look at the alternative. Sigh

Mike Gomez

Rick Huh? GW Bush lowered the bar and Trump lowered it to a new level… I saw Kamala Harris‘s work on the judicial committee, she’s a studious, ,intelligent person who has won a state-wide election unlike the reality show host.

Rick Dockery

I very glad that the democratic leadership is much more advanced than any others. I sleep better at night knowing that all is well

Mike Gomez

Chandler, where did you get your medical degree? I believe the electoral college propel Biden to the victory. Learn a little civics, only the cabinet can invoke the 25th amendment. Adulteress? A Trumplican has the audacity to talk about morals after accepting the past of Trump and Melania!!…..We just had four years of scary from a twice impeached one term president. 81 million voters were not fooled ,except for one month Biden was the front runner wire to wire in the primaries. Did you not see the lopsided wins after Super Tuesday?

Claudia McCarty

Thank you for your thoughtful and truthful review of our well-intentioned President's accomplishments as well as a return of mutual respect from our Executive branch.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Good one Mark, however, we should be thanking the Republicans for not reeling in Trump when they could have, through numerous opportunities. The Grand Old Party had it all, and they let one man squander it. Now they are left only with a platform of spiteful obstruction and disinformation, which is not a winning platform…. Glen

Joel Meador

Exactly right!!!

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