Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

Superior Service

There comes a time when you least expect it and surprise, surprise.

I recently had to go through out-patient infusions. I was scheduled at DeTar Navarro, third floor. The nurses were professional, courteous, and caring. They made me feel like family, making sure I was well taken care of, comfortable and well informed on my treatments. Ladies, to you I say thank you.

On the opposite side of the hallway is wound care. My treatment there was excellent, best of the best.

Ladies, thank you for a job well done, and the care you give your patients.

Like the old saying goes “It’s hard to find good help.” DeTar is blessed to have these nurses on their staff.

To each and everyone of you, an individual thank you and our prayers are with you and your families, God bless.

Joe and Sulema Aguillon, Victoria

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