Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

A hilariously absurd column by Bill Pozzi on March 19 leads to a suggestion:

Why hasn’t a church opened yet for Trump worship?

Since D.T. is still alive, Bill and the apostles of Trump can preach that the left will crucify him, whereupon he’ll rise again, ascend into heaven and sit at God’s right hand.

When Trump is gone you can pray to him. Hate Nancy Pelosi? Pray to lord Trump and he’ll turn her into a frog. Afraid Beto O’Rourke will confiscate your guns? Pray, and Trump will have him shot.

Stay true to D.T. and you’ll spend eternity with his disciples in heaven (Mar-a-Lago). But if you’re a democrat you’ll be tied down in a dungeon and forced to endure constant recordings of Sean Hannity. Horrifying!

Pozzi doesn’t seem to care that the hell-bent, spiteful obstructionism of his “resurgent” party/cult (doing the devil’s work for a vindictive ex-president) can only make our government become dysfunctional.

Biden’s approval rating is soaring while the GOP’s is sinking. After all, Mitch McConnell’s senatorial scrooges (McConnell even resembles Scrooge) tried unanimously to block the relief package Americans needed.

Because of the national debt? They had no problems when Trump made it skyrocket. It’s easy to gripe about stimulus checks when you’re wealthy as these senators are. McConnell himself gets hefty payouts from the NRA.

Darn that Mexico for not paying for the wall! In addition to its deification of a criminal president, Fox News obviously influenced the poor fellow who recently wrote that the left is “destroying America.”

If you believe Biden is radical left, you live in Fox Fantasyland, where every Democrat is a socialist and where nothing a democratic president could ever do would ever satisfy the MAGA bunch. (Instead of gratitude toward an empathetic president for the relief checks, they’re complaining.)

Fox has all the journalistic integrity of the “National Inquirer,” but at least reading the tabloid won’t give you dystopian fantasies of a socialist America.

The MAGA crowd could never appreciate a decent, competent, honest president like Biden. Fortunately, the rest of us can.

Patriots want the best for a new president and don’t make inane predictions of him failing based on their own political prejudices and vindictiveness.

How sad and un-American.

Mark Walters, Victoria

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(10) comments

Willie Ellis

Give Trump credit, at every Trump rally Trump yelled the once Nazi propaganda slogan “Fake Media - Fake News” (the same as “cancel culture” for the news media) and convinced millions to believe only him. Trump lost the election because Trump was a failed president who attempted to destroy our democracy with the “Big Lie”. All Americans – including Trump voters – are blessed to have Joe Biden and especially Kamala Harris.

Ron Sandidge

A solid space cadet. Fox is false news, the left first called Fox media fake news.

Let's see, Project Veritas’ founder James O’Keefe has been secretly videotaping a high-level CNN staffer boasting that his network produced “propaganda” – that’s the CNN guy’s word – aimed entirely at defeating Donald Trump during the 2020 election. He openly gloated that CNN “got rid of Trump” and bragged that it was their whole purpose all along.

Lots of independent journalist on just a simple search on YouTube that you can get more factual news than main stream media nowadays.... Sad.

And the hundreds of millions of dollars violence of the "idea" of ANTIFA and BLM

keeps rolling along with adding of some murders.

Tim Foerster

Ron, the headline itself was enough for coffee to shoot out of my nose this morning...

Claudia McCarty

A wise letter. I hope the Advocate could follow its own rules stop Mr. Pozzi from anymore abusive and inflammatory speech in his columns. Calling Democrats evil are personal attacks.

Rick Dockery

Wise? It does nothing but mock people.

Ron Sandidge

Well some are. I guess all the severe harsh words against Trump and the MAGA crowds are just fine. But seems they are okay with their speech but always call for banning free speech on the right.

Rick Dockery

This is an example of what the system want. To divide. Name call. People don’t want solutions, they want arguments. Turn the TV off and read. Read literature. The hate and divide is leading us down a predicted road.

Mike Gomez

Rick,look in the mirror before you start preaching.

Rick Dockery

Why does Maxine Waters get a pass? Both sides are getting out of control.

Mike Gomez

Maxine Waters does not get a pass from the right wing. Provocateurs always get push back but that’s not the message of this writer...Whataboutism is a not a good fallback.

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