Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

After reading the guest column “Trump made a mistake” published in the Advocate on July 11, written by Barbara Breazeale, I do hope and pray everyone read it and takes notice as to what is going on in Washington and has been for a long time.

I have been for the President ever since he came down the elevator and announced that he was running for President. Even though some told me they would leave the country if he did win, they haven’t left yet. All he has done, even with what has been done to him, is unbelievable. What he has done to clean up the swamp, and help the people is unbelievable.

I pray that the great people of America will vote in November to reelect President Trump and vote to help him clean up the swamp and evil that exists in our governments, from county to national. We had better pray and vote like lives depend on it.

Evelyn Michalke, Edna

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Willie Ellis

We need to vote for the person who is most qualified to handle the greatest crises our generation has faced – Covid – 19. Donald Trump has demonstrated he is not qualified to do that.

Trump and Trump supporters would rather talk about any topic except Trump’s failed response to Covid – 19 which has resulted in 150,000 deaths.

Rick Dockery

I can’t believe Biden is the best they can roll out. He’ll win because he’s not Trump. Jorgensen 2020

Tim Foerster

Rick, If Biden actually debates, people will see how mentally diminished he has become. There are no Democrats of old as some reminisce about, they are Socialist to the core...

Mike Gomez

Trump is no wordsmith and Biden will demolish the incompetent Trump.....Republicans of old have become Trumplicans who agree to help Putin by allowing their dear leader to remove 12,000 American troops from Germany... perhaps mine will get the ask Trump if it’s still OK to ingest UV and disinfectants.

Rick Dockery

“In the 2020 census, which was two census’ ago” what? I don’t get how he is the best the Democratic Party can do.

Rick Dockery

I find it funny how he gets a pass at all the incoherent and weird things he says. He also gets a pass on a lot of the interesting racial bills and comments he has made. While I’m not much of a fan of President Trump, he has done some good things for the black community. Low unemployment rate. The most money towards historical black colleges. Federal criminal justice reform. Malcolm X said it the best, “beware of the white liberal.” I like that the President is trying to deal with cities with insane crime stats. Tupac “they say it’s the white man I should fear, but it’s my own kind doing the killing here.” Alas, President Trump will not get credit for the effort. On another note, it would be nice if Jorgensen were allowed on the debate stage. She is a coherent breath of fresh air. Trump vs Biden will be a name calling issue avoiding festival.

Willie Ellis

Trump promised America in his 2020 State of the Union speech: “My administration will take all necessary steps to safeguard our citizens from this threat.”

150,000 Covid –19 deaths is clear evidence that Trump lied to America.

Trump is the blame for every single Covid – 19 death in America because of his failure to “safeguard our citizens from this threat.”

Vote for accountability – your life depends on it.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Even if the hardest of core democratic socialist gets elected, they would be held at bay by the scrutiny of Congress and its authority, and unlike this president, he would respect Congress’s concerns and oversight for the sake of American law and civility. It’s really sad that more republicans don’t stand up to this president’s autocratic tendencies and his lack of respect for where it’s been earned, deserved, and expected....Glen

Bill Hopmann

Glen or Janice, Where are you keepers? Y'all come up with so much hogwash, it boggles the mind.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Bill, It seems Trump’s blind loyalists are so easily boggled by it all....Glen

Steve Fiedler

The dem alternative to trump will be devastating to usa. Can you imagine beto and aoc in advisory and even decision making positions? Not even taking His name in vain but pleading Lord have mercy on us

Mike Gomez

Lol..dem alternative? As if Trump is not the worst president ever! Joe Biden hasn’t even chosen a VP much less a cabinet or advisers...AOC and Beto are the right’s boogiemen. Did you watch yesterday’s Trump’s press conference?

Steve Fiedler

do you really think biden will make that choice himself?

Mike Gomez

Make what choice Fiedler? Biden served as VP for eight years, he knows what is going on. The first important decision a presidential candidate is choosing his/her running mate. Yes, Joe Biden will make that choice but like many good leaders, he will take advisement from others.

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