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Editor, the Advocate:

Those who are worried about election fraud seem not to understand that we do not have one big national election, but thousands of local elections that take place in every precinct of every county of every state of the United States. These local elections are administered and overseen by local people who put in long hours on Election Day to ensure that every citizen has the opportunity to cast his or her vote. They also monitor the process carefully to make sure that all votes are legal. The results of these local elections are then added up for the national tally. Widespread fraud is almost impossible in a decentralized system that requires the cooperative efforts of thousands and thousands of ordinary people.

Donald Trump’s ridiculous, evidence-free allegations of voter fraud are an insult to the thousands of decent, hard-working Americans who work selflessly on Election Day to guarantee a free and fair election.

On Election Day, I and other workers spent more than 14 hours serving as election judge, alternate judge, and clerks at one of the local precincts in Victoria County. If you have concerns about the security of our elections, I challenge you to go to your local election administrator and sign up to work the next election. It will give you valuable insight into the fundamental process of American elections.

Linda Crisp, Victoria

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Good reminder Linda. Trump lost by significant margins, all because of his own jackassery. He had his chance, and now has his legacy...Glen

Quincy Thompson

Glen if Donald does loose it will be because of the combination of Dems, the overwhelming bias of all the liberal media or "Fake News" , the Big Tech and its bias and censorship, Big Parma which waited till after the election before releasing its results on the vaccine which was paid for by Trump and his "Operation Warp Speed" and a lot of cheating in dem cities in swing states. Not by his "jackassery"

Quincy Thompson

Linda, I have stated that I have great confidence in the election process that you were involved in at our local level and even in Texas on the state level. In Texas if you wanted to vote absentee you had to apply for a ballot, prove who you were and your signature was checked to make sure you were you and all is well. Mike has stated that he has voted this way for years and again there are no issues. The problem is the massive ballot mailouts that took place, supposedly because of Covid-19, in the battleground states and the gathering or harvesting of them by people to fraudulently vote. This is documented with people going to vote and being told they already had, people not getting their ballots and other issues. This has occurred in the large democratic run cities where there has been issues for decades with voter fraud but it is now on steroids. Many have risen from the grave to vote and yet the media says there is no evidence of fraud. Lets do some checking and see what we find because there have been hundreds if not thousands of issues raised in those cities and states. For the future of our system they must be checked out. as Ronald Regan said "Trust but Verify".

Glenn Wilson

Quincy - Let's do some checking?! What do you think has been going on nonstop since the first whisper of voter fraud? Or do you think only democrats are involved in that process? And what have they found so far that is actually substantiated and proven as opposed to yet another social media windstorm? Has anyone been arrested or even singled out yet? Confirmation bias appears to have totally won out over critical thinking skills. Next, the pitchforks and flaming torches will be coming out. Perhaps humans really are devolving.

Rick Dockery

Not sure how you can speak for every precinct in every state. They didn’t do a great job in Florida in 2000. Just saying. I do feel confident in victoria county. I never did in Chicago. It was always a running joke up their that the dead vote. With the Daley’s , I don’t doubt it

Mike Gomez

Amen....Thank you very much

Joel Meador

Thanks for your timely, informative statement. In the heat of battle everyone needs to step back and think about what you have explained.

Allen T Coffey

Linda, exactly on point. Thanks for your perspective.

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