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Editor, the Advocate:

The attack upon the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers on Sept. 11, 2001, was a sobering moment that humbled America. Our lives stopped that fateful morning as we watched in horror and tried to understand the event unfolding. We soon recognized the reality of sinister evil, and that when a nation is divided, it becomes vulnerable. Later, U.S. Representatives from both political parties gathered behind Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, who told the nation, “We will stand together” then spontaneously they sang in unison, “God Bless America.”

Amid the terror and tragedy, something profoundly arose. We quieted down from our accusations, arguments, and irritations. We listened. We reached out to one another. We became more thoughtful, more caring, and more considerate. Church attendance increased. People conversed about the power of prayer, healing, forgiveness, and faith. But, too quickly we began to forget and things eased back to their former ways.

Another evil is raising its ugly head in America; something perhaps more sinister than at any time since the American Civil War. We are allowing ourselves to be divided and vulnerable by the evil of hate, deceit, untruths, and fear whose goal is to destroy America. Fostered principally by obtuse politicians, feckless educators, and “dead between the ears” radicals, this insidious evil is leading to consequences too difficult to comprehend and assimilate. Assuredly, those involved do not care for you, me, our country, or its history. They are committed to promoting mayhem, discord, and destruction by any means deemed necessary. Their plan is to destroy everything true, good, and beautiful about America and reconstruct America’s Constitutional Republic into some form of Socialist- Marxist dictatorship.

History teaches that when a nation falls into divisiveness and infighting, it quickly weakens. It becomes consumed by internal crises leaving it vulnerable to attack by its enemies. Years ago, the comic strip Pogo lamented, “I have met the enemy and it is us.” Today, we are again engaged in a Civil War and the choice is clear: Do we keep America a Constitutional Republic or lose it to a socialistic nightmare? President Theodore Roosevelt admonished us saying, “Either you are an American and nothing else, or you are not an American at all.”

Singing “God Bless America“ with passion and commitment seems timely and perhaps could concentrate our minds as we again decide whether “We will stand together.”

Bobby D. Whitefield, Victoria

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Pat Tally

Interesting how you went straight from a description of both political parties gathered behind the Speaker of the House in unity, to an attack on fellow Americans, calling us names and attributing wild theories to Democrats. So much for standing together. The rest of your letter, however, describes exactly what Democrats feel President Trump and his acolytes are doing to our beautiful country. I’m not worried about riots in the street or even insurgents like the 17 yr old killer in Kenosha. I’m worried about people like you who so easily have turned against your fellow Americans and see us as the enemy instead of foreign powers, pandemics or a President who cares only about lining his pockets and removing every drop of human kindness that once existed between us. If 9/11 happened today, our President would say,”New York has not been very nice to me so they can deal with this attack themselves” and not one Republican would gather united behind the Speaker of the House much less sing “God Bless America”. That is what division Donald Trump and Republicans have created in a short 4 years.

Glenn Wilson

Pat -- "Interesting how you went straight from a description of both political parties gathered behind the Speaker of the House in unity, to an attack on fellow Americans, calling us names and attributing wild theories to Democrats. -- This sounds more like Mike Gomez than Pat Tally; totally made up. There was no attack on fellow Americans, no calling them names, except for those willfully engaging in behavior detrimental to our fellow Americans and there was no mention at all of Democrats. What's interesting is how you and a whole party of others seem to be oblivious to the masses of people and organizations trying to bring America to its knees from the inside, no outside help needed. Apparently the only threat you see is Trump. The threat you don't want to see or acknowledge is very real and not generated by the Democrats or the Republicans. It's way bigger than that and has been going on for a long time. Our ignorant and counterproductive Us vs. Them tribal attitude only facilitates our internal enemies. So keep it up. Be part of the problem, not the solution.

Mary Ann Wenske

Glenn Wilson, here, here- fine comments!

Glenn Wilson


Brian Vandale

Glenn well said. But according to Pat and Mike's party, everything is Trumps fault.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Glenn isn’t it obvious that Trump has not been a very equitable solution to calming our tribal tendencies?....Glen Ullman

Glenn Wilson

Glen, yes it definitely is. He's hardly the model of professionalism, never mind presidential.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Pat Thanks for being our Democratic Chair, your efforts and willingness to reason with the unreasonable is admirable. I have been hung up on a couple of quotes the last few days . My favorite of course is Obama’s, “Trump can’t lead because he does not know how” , and then there’s Mitt’s, “Trumps word is as worthless as a degree from Trump university”. If America ever falls from Grace it will be under a guy like Trump....Glen Ullman

Quincy Thompson

1. Mr. Whitefield, I complement you on a thoughtful letter expressing your concerns for our country and its future. We are men of like minds who are concerned, nay fearful, yet prayerful about the future of our beloved country. I believe we are at a tipping point where a decision will be made as to which way we will go. My prayer is that all that makes this country good will rise up and squelch this enemy.

2. Ms. Tally, I have read your letters, articles and responses for some time with the usual response of just walking away while shaking my head and muttering under my breath but this was a new low. In one sentence you took a call for unity in our country and turned it into an attack on the Dems and then flipped it again to attack Trump. That is rich! If there is one thing that I have learned in watching the Dems over the last few years it is that what ever they are accusing the Republicans of is usually what they are doing. "Wild theories to Democrats" is interesting in that all the rioting is in Dem cities where the leaders want to let the "peaceful protesters" just do their thing while the cities are being looted and burned to the ground. Yet you aren't worried about them. Why aren't you worried about your fellow Americans and their welfare? Could it be that you are willing to sacrifice them in an attempt to remove Trump? In the DNC there was NOT one word about the riots or looting! ONLY when the polls and focus groups started showing a drop or concern about it was it mentioned by Biden. You say that this is not the enemy but the President, who you claim is lining his pockets, is the enemy. For your information President Donald J. Trump has not taken a paycheck since he has been in office! He has donated all of his salary to charities unlike his predecessor who has suddenly gotten rich and living in a multimillion dollar house in the Hamptons. Or better yet the Clintons who have milked millions out of the Clinton Foundation as salaries but that is for another day. I worry about the 17 year old because I don't want a bunch of people killed nor do I want his life ruined. He went there to protect property, got separated from his group and was attacked twice. One of his attackers had a Glock. Videos and witnesses have shown this and we will see what happens in the courts. Pat you refuse to see it but this President has more empathy for this country than I have seen in a long time and the division that has been created was not by him but by the Dems who have done everything possible, including a HOAX of an impeachment to try and remove him from office. I didn't like Obama or his apology tour, cash to Iran or most all of what he did but my dislike for him has been obliterated by your and the lefts absolute hatred of President Trump which is on display every day. Is power that important to you?

3. Glen, I have been called a lot of things in my life, some of them good and a few maybe not so but I have never been called unreasonable until now. Possibly you should reread my discussion with Pat for guidance in this matter

Steve Fiedler

Well said mr t.

Steve Fiedler

Stand and bend no knee to the evil that is blm. Black lives do matter as do other colors of lives. But blm the organization is evil in its intent and its actions.

Glenn Wilson

Steve, [thumbup]

Mary Ann Wenske

I'll second that. Well said.

Quincy Thompson

I'll third that! The TRUTH!

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