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Editor, the Advocate:

COVID — Confusing Opinion and Views Instructions and Data. From the beginning I have wondered how this virus became worldwide so quickly. I have read how it has been such a burden on the Navajo nation whose villages average 40 miles apart. How many people visit and how much travel occurs? I do not want to belittle anyone’s loss or belittle those that have had serious cases. Fortunately, my episode was light.

There is a good bit of media hype pertaining to the use of Ivermectin that it is meant for livestock, not people. Satoshi Omura and William C Campbell won a Nobel Prize in 2015 for developing this medication and has been used by over 3.5 million people. The CDC recommends this in its “Overseas Refugee Health Guidance” and WHO has mentioned it in “Model List of Essential Medicines”. I have spoken to several people who have received a cocktail of Ivermectin and supplements and have recovered. Many doctors have successfully treated patients with this treatment.

Another treatment are Corticosteroids. The verdict is open, one site said it has severe side effects, another speaks of great success. Treatment options are just that, your choice after discussion with a physician you trust.

What about the numbers? Patrick Boyle, of Health Care, www.aamc.org, writes a lengthy article in which he states, “current COVID-19 deaths are inherently incomplete estimates.” Dr. Matt Bettag has been a practicing ENT for 19 years, expressing that he has never seen the medical community stop thinking as it is now.

Let’s examine the numbers in Texas. Latest numbers are 60,221 deaths. Population of Texas is about 29 million. The percentage of deaths to population is .002%. This reminds me of a comment I read, “If this virus is so deadly, why do we have to be tested to see if we have it?” The number of cases is 3.81 million. That makes an average of 13.14%. Paul Hunter, University of East Anglia and advisor to WHO, said we need to change reporting the number of people actually ill from COVID-19, otherwise we will be scaring ourselves with numbers that do not translate into disease burden.

There is a book titled, “COVID-19 The Great Reset”, from which the slogan, “Build Back Better” originates, that discusses transforming world societies, economies and even diet, because the world cannot sustain mass agriculture.

You are in charge of your health care, not the government.

Anthony Corte, Victoria

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(6) comments

James Chandler

It really makes you look silly when your rebuttal is based on use of the word stupid. I can't understand why the left wants freedom of choice when it comes to abortion but is against freedom of choice for vaccines. One choice kills a human being with 100% certainty; the other mainly impacts the person making the choice.

Mike Gomez

Chandler, your soundbite analogy is a classic apples to oranges. 1. We’ve had vaccine mandates all of my life. 2. your analogy could easily be turned into a vice versa. 3. 60 to 70% of Americans approve of a vaccine mandate so it was never a left/right issue; only an extreme right issue 5. Kusey someone from the left or the right cannot differ on some issues? Methinks it’s only the extreme purists. Well at least you got your talking point in.

James Chandler

If the vice-versa was the situation and it was based on legislative passed laws, I may not like it but I would accept it. Just because a poll shows 60-70% support it does not mean the President can solely pass a law. But it a common political ploy when your favorability numbers are plunging. You are telling 1/2 the truth. To best of my knowledge there has never been a federal vaccine mandate. School districts, cities, and maybe a few states and they did hold up in court. I guess we'll see if President Biden's passes the courts also. Luckily for your side President Trump appeared to appoint Supreme Court Judges who seem to be unbiased independent judges. No it wasn't a talking point; it is a faith based conviction that God opened my eyes to.

C Droost

A quick reminder to everyone reading this — it’s on the *Opinion* page where the First Amendment allows anyone to publish stupid, outrageous junk. But at least if this had been a post on Twitter, it would have been flagged as being stupid, outrageous junk and, after a number of repetitions, the account would be suspended. Oh, wait … thank you Twitter. I wish the Advocate had the same policy.

Mike Gomez

I agree anyone should be allowed to publish their opinion but in the current environment a Covid disclaimer should follow because we have enough disinformation...

Quincy Thompson

You are the best example of how the "Left" has taken over countries that I have seen in a long time. If it agrees with you than all is well, if not then it is squelched, shutdown, silenced and it is done because "YOU" said it was "stupid, outrageous junk". The "Left" has Twitter on its side lets hope that the Advocate doesn't go down that dark hole.

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