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Editor, the Advocate:

I don’t know if any of you can see what is going on in Washington with the Democratic party, but I see a party trying to overthrow the American people. Everything they are campaigning on goes hand in hand with communism. A system of government where the people are the servants.

It doesn’t matter if you love President Trump or hate him. He is the only person in Washington standing between freedom of the people or total control by the government of the people.

Think with your mind, not with your emotions. With your emotions, the left can convince people that the sky is falling and the only way to stop it is to do what they say. Otherwise, we all will die.

All I can say is, you won’t miss freedom until you lose it.

Mark T. Wayne, Bay City

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Michael Gomez

Thank you,

Glen or Janice Ullman ....I’ve noticed that the anti-left letters seldom insert sources to substantiate their rhetoric. I present the opposition with sources.

Steve Fiedler

mr. gomez. the letters to the editor which many folks write and to which you often reply are all under the advocate's 'opinion' feature. my anti-left comment to mr. wayne's letter is my opinion about how i view the left leading usa toward socialism. my opinion does not come with nor is my opinion required to come with 'sources' as you call them. if i requested from the advocate the space and privilege to write a guest column citing specific accomplishments of one party and failures of another i would support same with 'sources'. i suspect you could easily find a 'source' that would dispute mine and vice versa. opinion is not pitting one source against another.

but you like to have it both ways. rebuking me for not providing source for my opinion while boasting of your 'source' based commentary. please cite for me your source for your claim that "trump is the only person standing between freedom of the people"? please cite for me your source for claim that a political party is "whining about being overrun"? please cite for me your source for assuming that mr. wayne "must not know anything about civics"?

it's always interesting to be schooled by you sf

Michael Gomez

Mr Fiedler,...When I posted my rebuttal.my comments were directed toward Mr.Wayne...I didn’t read your comment. I distinctly stated “the author” which meant the letter writer. I’m fully aware that letter to the editor’s are opinion pieces as I write a political blog ,which is also an opinion. I happened to think that an opinion has more meat on the bones if they are backed by creditable sources otherwise they’re more of a rant.....That’s my opinion and This time ,my words were directed at you Mr. Fiedler

Steve Fiedler

No, check again your Nov 15 post, clearly says "anti-left letters" and does not refer to orig writer. And I have no way to know what you read or when. Regardless your reply to orig author had no meaty sources to substantiate your "rhetoric" as you label the words of others Sf

Michael Gomez

Anti-left letters obviously refers to letter writers,not those who respond to them. I would know since I wrote the rebuttal. But whatever...

Steve Fiedler

Well said mr. Wayne.  Let's look ahead.  Welcome to the post-trump post 2 party government.  America the beta version.  Home of the free stuff, land of the brave new world.  Living the liberal dystopian dream.  Free medical care, free education, free childcare.  Free money – don’t want to work? –we’ll send you a check.  Freedom from restricting, confining borders.  Freedom from feeling uncomfortable – we’ll provide you a ribbon and special space.  Freedom from any viewpoint other than your own.  Freedom from a word or thought that makes you uncomfortable.  Freedom from factual history that is disagreeable with you – we’ll tear down all symbols and monuments and even rewrite history that isn’t of your worldview.  Freedom from the One True God, or from any god, after all science and  human effort provide all of life’s answers.  Freedom from a gun which must be inherently evil, aiming and pulling its own trigger.  Freedom from individual responsibility, no longer necessary with a government that thinks for you and takes care of you.  Freedom from election results not in your favor – we’ll nullify it and educate you so you will know that our candidate is or was the only moral and proper choice; you were too stupid to think and reason for yourself.  Freedom from laws – we’ll find a like-minded judge who will overturn any law or policy that doesn’t fit your agenda. 

Maybe one day your loaf of bread will be free too sf

Glenn Wilson


Michael Gomez

That’s funny...Trump is the only person standing between freedom of the people... You must not have been watching today’s impeachment hearings. I’ve never seen a political party who has the executive and the Senate whining about being overrun. The author must not know anything about civics because one Political party cannot do a thing unless they have Overwhelming majorities. Speaking of the sky is falling.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Thank you Mr. Gomez for your rebuttal to those that profess to know all that is important to people in a political party. I, as person who has liked bits and pieces of both political parties would like to add to your rebuttal. First and foremost, it is important to me that a political party speak truth to power, one that calls out a president for his questionable words and actions, one where the president does not profess to be the one and only with all the answers, one that does not claim to be the godliest, one that would not take lies and half truths and try and pass them off as gospel, one that would realize both parties are important to keeping America in the middle of the road, one that realizes both parties need to respect each other’s views and that attempts to realize each parties good ideas in an effort to unite all for a better America... Glen Ullman

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