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Editor, the Advocate:

I am responding to the Letter to The Editor “The double standard strikes again” regarding the offspring of presidents. You compared the handling of Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump by the public and the media. You failed to address the difference between the two.

Both are children of a president, but only one is employed by the government. The current president has employed Ivanka, whether paid or not, to work in and for his administration (nepotism without any prior governmental experience). As a public employee, you are fair game to be judged for your actions or inactions by the public and the media.

How you are treated is a direct result of your actions or inactions. You might be treated differently by the public and media if you:

  • Are under investigation for links between Trump and Russian officials
  • Use your political role or government employees (Kellyanne Conway) to promote your jewelry and fashion line
  • Advocate for “America First” while manufacturing your fashion line in another country
  • Advocate for women’s rights while having a hands-off approach to a code of conduct that prohibits physical abuse and child labor in the production of your fashion line, delegating compliance to your suppliers
  • Degrade immigrants while employing illegal immigrants illegally in your family businesses

The children of politicians should be off-limits to the public and media unless they are governmental workers or inject themselves into the political arena. Chelsea is not a government employee, but Ivanka is working for the current administration. As a governmental employee, Ivanka is fair game for the public and the media. You reap what you sow.

Janice Ullman, Victoria

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Glenn Wilson

Grace -- I lean right because the left has started embracing ideas so radical (IMO) that I, in no way, can support them. But my opinions on that come from my own thinking, such as it is, not from some party-speak. My thoughts on some of the current Republican idiocy would sound pretty Leftist, such as (1) "Granny Starver" Paul Ryan and Turtle-face Mitch McConnell's idea that the best way to sharply reduce the deficit is to eliminate Social Security and Medicare, and (2) continuing to invade sovereign nations that are absolutely not a threat of any kind to the U.S. and conducting nothing less than war, all for the benefit of the Military-Industrial Complex at taxpayer expense. Fact is, neither party is a friend to taxpaying American citizens. They both want to give everything away to someone. The only difference is the intended recipient. The "incapable of independent thought" thing was a reference to that individual's continual, undiluted Democrats all good - Republicans all bad drumbeat. It had nothing to do with noticing my tendency to lean right.

Grace Butler

I understand your point but definitely still believe that most would agree you're still conservative, not truly centrist or libertarian. Of course, there's very little room left in either of the parties for anyone who is not hard-line far right, marginally left of center, or far far left. But until we can do something about that we have to vote for someone who agrees with our political views, and I think it's far too harsh to throw out insults like that towards someone who actually participates in conversations instead of shutting down anyone who doesn't believe what they do. I don't know a single person who votes Democrat who thinks they're all good and all Republicans are bad, but when Republicans fall in line to the party line almost 100% of the time (RIP McCain) and Democrats are currently split either centrist(like Biden) or far-left(like AOC), it's pretty easy to see how you can disagree with the hard-line unbroken front of the Republican party and agree with some significant portion of the Democratic party, either the centrists or the far left. That variety is both one of Democrats biggest weaknesses and one of the biggest attractors.

Glenn Wilson

Grace--Being or appearing conservative is not the same thing as being a Republican or a Conservative, which involves being in a soundproof box, as does any other -ist, -ian or -crat. Possibly Mike and George's full-on one-sided approach results from their own critical thinking and not just party-speak. It's kinda hard to tell. You and Pat Talley don't sound like they do, but you're also Democrats. Or perhaps you just lean left as I lean right for the time being.

gregory goetz

Right on JU! I have been composing a response awhile and might add it when finalized. Mr/Dr B might reconsider, but I guess he needs to hear from more of us. Speak up everyone!

Glenn Wilson

Dr. Branfman -- "I am a proud card-carrying Independent and I despise both parties with equal destain." - Thanx for that. Now I know there are at least 2 of us around here. :)

Brian Vandale

Glenn, I with y'all I'm an independent as well.

Gary Branfman

Janice Ullman, Somehow I get the felling that you would defend Democrats and Condemn Republicans to the death. Doesn’t bother me, I am a proud card-carrying Independent and I despise both parties with equal destain. Your comments regarding Chelsea are naive ( and incorrect). Chelsea campaigned extensively in an official role for her on mother's first ( unsuccessful) Democratic presidential nomination bid and introduced her at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. She assumed a similar role in her mother's 2016 presidential campaign, making over 200 public appearances as a Democratic Party representative and again introducing her at the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Hillary Clinton PRESSURED THE MEDIA (according to the New York Times) to keep Chelsea out of the press in spite of her active participation and assigned responsibilities in a high position in public events including state visits, and conferences abroad. Journalists debated the issue of allowing Clinton to retain her privacy. During the last year of her father's presidency, Chelsea was assigned many White House responsibilities, accompanying President Clinton at state dinners and joining her father for several overseas trips ( in place of her mother who was campaigning for the U.S. Senate). So, you still think Chelsea deserves immunity from public scrutiny? Next time do your homework.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Campaigning for a family members election does not make you a governmental employee. Going with your parents on overseas trips does not make you a governmental employee. Working with other dignitaries to effect change in governmental policies does make you a governmental employee. Politicians try to keep their family out of politics and out of the media’s eye. Trump injects his family in all aspects of politics. As such you are fair game for the public and media.

Grace Butler

None of that addresses the fact that Chelsea is not currently involved in anything political, or any of the bullet points that were listed as to why Ivanka is "fair game". None of which, I might add, are things Chelsea did. You say you despise both parties, but it sounds to me like you just despise the Clintons, who haven't actually held any positions of power in many years. Meanwhile, the ACTUAL people in power are abusing it and you'd rather nitpick a Clinton. Maybe I'm just too young to appreciate the hatred towards them, but seriously. Whatabouism is a logical fallacy that both you and the letter writer are guilty of.

Michael Gomez

I agree with Janice, that's a serious case of whataboutism. I guess he couldn't get enough dirt on Malia and Sasha...I don't think Chelsea or her husband had top-secret clearances, at the reluctance of the Chief of Staff, CIA, and Don McGahn I might add. ....Another one of that above-the-fray Independents who always side with the right wing and call themselves nonpartisan....Yes, I am an unabashed Democrat...Chelsea introduced her mother at the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Oh wow! Lock her up...lol

Glenn Wilson

I can't speak for all independents, but the ones I know aren't "above the fray". We simply allow ourselves to use whatever powers of critical thinking and logic we may possess to make decisions and take positions. They may be correct or not, but we come up with them ourselves. You won't find us just following a particular shepherd around no matter where he leads, whether left or right. I've noticed for quite a while that you have difficulty grasping that concept and seem to think that anyone who isn't a Democrat just naturally has to be a Republican. You might consider that just because you're incapable of independent thought not everyone is handicapped in that regard.

Michael Gomez

Glenn, an anecdotal assessment with a sprinkle of critical thinking and logic is just a self-assessment. That just tells me that you think highly of yourself. I don’t think that people are Democrats or Republicans, quite the contrary, they could be Libertarians, Green Parry of something else. I have been using the parody “hum a few bars and I’ll tell you whether you are a right winger/left winger or somewhere in the middle. It’s all about ideology. The political party is just a voting preference. You certainly are opinionated and so am I, so your opinions on the online forum of Vi Cad are well documented. Your comments are right leaning. IMO. Not that anyone cares but my beliefs have come from years and years of adaptation. I assume like others I have evolved on some issues but my principles on the environment, the safety net, immigration reform, the 14th Amendment, Roe v Wade, and that health care is a right has not changed. My left of center views aligns best with the Democratic Party, not the other way around. I certainly realize everyone can have an independent thought but “ hum a few bars.”

Grace Butler

This is a bit over the top Glenn; the spectrum of independents is all over the place. You know I lean far, far left on a lot of things, but pretty far right on others (hello, guns!). Anyone who has read your comments knows you lean to the right pretty significantly, but you're in the minority who aren't bound to the cult-like attitude of the Republican party. You're conservative and it's not fair to say that someone who notices that is incapable of independent thought simply because they correctly note that you agree with Republican lawmakers on several topics.

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