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Editor, the Advocate:

Just wondering, if a white guy assassinated Trump, would the left cry out against white supremacy? If an antifa guy assassinated Trump, would the left cry out against violence from the left? If Trump was assassinated with a single round from an AR-15 would the left even mention assault weapons? If a diverse group of lefty gun controllers walked into a room where a loaded and cocked AR15 with safety engaged lay inertly on a table, would they back off in fear that the rifle itself would turn on them and choose which gender or ethnicity to fire its rounds? If no one touched that rifle, would the room be any more safe than if it were removed? If Connor Betts walked into that room and began firing his weapon, would any of the diverse lefty gun controllers object to one of their group grabbing the AR-15 from the table, clicking off the safety and stopping Betts with a round to the head? If Trump was assassinated, could Maddow, Lemon, Cuomo, Nadler or the idio-squad contain their glee? Would they even try? Just wondering.

Steve Fiedler, Victoria

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Americans can agree on one thing. The USA has a problem with mass shootings and innocent people dying or being maimed for life. It’s takes two things to do this - guns and a person. Both are the problem. There is legislation, passed by the House, sitting on Mitch McConnell’s desk to address both problems. But Trump, the Republican Party and McConnell are owned by the NRA and they will not allow the legislation to come for a vote in the Senate. Voters thought they drained the swamp in 2016. The swamp is deeper now than ever before. Citizen United, the worst Supreme Court decision ever, allowed Pacts, Corporations, and lobbyist to own the USA Government. It does not matter what the people agree on and want. We are their slaves.

Janice Ullman

Pat Tally

“Lefty gun controllers”??? Seriously, are there adults who say things like this? Using terms like “the lefties” dehumanizes, making neighbors and acquaintances “the others” and thus easier to criticize or even vilify. This nonsense. Brings nothing to the table in terms of resolving one of this nations mahor problems, soaring death count involving firearms.

Daniel Martin

Ah Ha! A the F;at Earth Society has spoken.

Michael Gomez

I wonder if this is a deflection because the El Paso shooter admitted his white supremacist views…end of the story there.

The rest of the silly hypotheticals lead me to believe that the writer has a problem with lefties. He does have a vivid imagination.

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