Barbara Breazeale

Barbara Breazeale

Listening to border patrol officials and sheriffs talk about the border situation is vastly different from media and certain politicians’ stories.

At a Republican meeting, Samuel Briggs, the Patrol Agent in Charge (PAIC) of the Corpus Christi station spoke. They cover 26 counties in southeast Texas with Nueces and San Patricio being the main ones.

Sheriff A.J. Louderback says the media is demonizing the border patrol. Every agent protects people and our borders.

Our country is generous, many talk about the humanitarian issues yet are actually helping the cartel to gain strength and hurting innocent children. As a sovereign state, we have borders to protect our people from drugs, traffickers, disease and terrorists.

The three levels of Border Patrol are:

A. Providing lines of defense. People work the border, using fences, cameras and technology.

B. Checkpoint stations – Catch people and drugs.

C. Corpus Christi, using technology and working with the sheriff’s office, they stop those suspected of being in the country illegally, mainly along U.S. 77 and U.S. 59. This is main area for sex trafficking and drugs into Houston.

Jobs of Border Patrol1. Training – Resources are investigative and intelligence

2. Saving lives – The Border Patrol recently came across a truck with eight fatalities and many injured. They rendered aid and took many to the hospital. Have you ever heard this in the news?

3. Evidence collection teams

4. Intelligence – Those suspected of being in the country illegally are interviewed and information is sent to the border. This information may lead to shutting down a cartel drug house. Human and drug traffiking, and sex trafficking are big money makers for the cartel.


1. Normal capacity for housing people is 3,000 yet they have reached 10,000. They had to add three soft sided facilities, beds, showers, air conditioning, good food, etc. If they bring their agents in to handle humanitarian needs, they are even more short-handed in the field. The military and other Department of Homeland Security components came to help.

2. In Corpus Christi, the last migrant surge caused severe overcrowding in cells made for temporary detention.

3. When a person suspected of being in the country illegally comes in with a disease – chicken pox, measles, etc. – they are taken to hospital. They get free care, but an agent must stay with them 24/7.

4. Captures – If they have a child with them, they check if they have criminal history and must release them into the U.S. Gang members and cartel knowing this will kidnap a child later killing them or using them for sex trafficking.

5. Coyotes normally charge $8,000 to bring someone across the border. Coyotes charge Asians up to $30,000. Money comes from relatives in U.S.

6. People here illegally in certain states apply for driver’s licenses, check off the box for that and immediately are signed up to vote. You can see why so many politicians want to promote this – it’s new voters for them. This is assault by the left against the rule of law.


1. Build a wall – The cartel send large groups to divert attention from vast amounts of drugs and young girls being transported at another location. A wall would slow down this assault.

2. Technology – Sensors, cameras, radios, license readers are all used to help stop those suspected of being in the country illegally.

3. Infrastructure – All weather roads, walls, gates, fences, help to buy time.

4. Troopers augment Border Patrol to get to travel routes and urban centers. The cartel want the drugs and sex trafficking to get to the main cities.

5. Volunteers – National Guard and Air Marshals help a lot with humanitarian aid so border patrol can do their job.

6. President Trump has really helped to slow down the exodus into the U.S. He applied tariff pressure against the Mexican Government that is are now policing the border and sending back those trying to cross. Do we ever hear about this?

How can we the people get the real truth about the border? Louderback and PAIC Briggs said monitor the Twitter accounts of Customs and Border Protection (@CBP RGV). Read “Angel Mom Stories” on Internet.

To report immigration-related offenses, you can contact your local Sheriff’s Office or the U.S. Border Patrol – Corpus Christi Station at 361-879-4300.

Contact them for guest speakers. Border states are being slammed by this problem!

Our country is welcoming and generous to others, yet we are being attacked by the cartel at our borders and by liberals within our country. Obama, Clinton and all the others before them were in support of stopping the flow of immigration. Ask yourself what has changed? We are letting in criminals, terrorists, drugs, allowing innocents to be used for sex trafficking. Why? No matter your religion or your political party, this is hurting our nation.

Hold the news media accountable. Support our Border Patrol heroes. Know the facts – lives depend on it.

Barbara Breazeale is married to Bill Pozzi, the mom to four and grandmother to six. She is the Advancement Director for Victoria House of Palms, P.O. Box 4886, Victoria Texas 77903.

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Pat Tally

“Our country is welcoming and generous to others, yet we are being attacked by the cartel at our borders and by liberals within our country.“. When a person equates the Democratic Party with Mexican cartels, we have a problem deeper than even the one created by the Trump administration at the border. Mrs. Pozzi has hit every false Trump talking point and yet made no mention that closing access to the process of legal asylum, holding asylum seekers in camps, and disallowing translators, lawyers and visitors has exacerbated a crisis created and stoked by the only hero the Republican Party seems to have these days, Trump.

David Aselin

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