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The following editorial published in the Dallas Morning News on Oct. 24:

Border security can be achieved without callous strategies that destroy families.

It is hard to believe that anyone could have thought that separating children from their parents at the border wouldn’t lead to a tragedy.

Yet, the Trump administration ignored warnings that nothing good could come from this policy, and now, after much chaos, the deported parents of 545 children, including about 60 under the age of 5, still have not been found.

That’s a clinical way of saying that parents and children may never again see each other, and that U.S. immigration policy has effectively broken apart families. Former first lady Laura Bush called it “cruel” and “immoral,” and others called it child abuse and torture.

Begun unofficially in 2017 as a pilot program in El Paso to deter families from entering the country illegally at the U.S.-Mexico border, this zero tolerance policy quickly became the most toxic aspect of the administration’s strategy to curb illegal immigration. The policy called for charging parents with immigration crimes, which would then lead to separating them from their children (who would be sent to shelters).

The policy of separating families became even more tragic when the administration failed to enact an adequate process to reunite them. Neither the Department of Health and Human Services nor Immigration and Customs Enforcement kept effective records. Only after court orders required disclosure did the nation learn that over 5,500 families had been separated.

The administration now says that while most of the children have been reunited with their families, some children have been moved out of shelters and into the care of relatives, family friends or foster families. In other words, the policy of forced family separation policy predictably produced a cruelty that may never be set right.

During Thursday’s debate, we found it depressing that President Donald Trump showed no regret for this failed policy and falsely claimed that the children were brought to the United States by smugglers, cartels, gangs and “lots of bad people.” While smugglers are a reality on the border, the truth is that many parents arrived with their children and his policy created trauma for thousands of families.

It is important that this nation secure its borders. However, security can and must be achieved without Machiavellian strategies that rip children from parents. The separation policy has ended; its impact is a great stain on this nation.

America has long needed to reform its immigration system to address those who are here and those who wish to be here. The nation has failed repeatedly to even address the easiest and least controversial part — the granting of legal status to the young adults whose parents illegally brought them to this country as children.

Words cannot adequately express how excruciating and shameful the separation policy had been. Our toxic immigration politics continue to erode the decency, common sense and respect needed to forthrightly deal with those who seek this nation for a better life.

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Billy Bowers

Like I have been saying all the Advocate is proving it is a liberal paper . Maybe if the advertiser who have American values would stop buying adds maybe they would ggo broke and they could leave town

Frances Vesely

With no paper yesterday, Monday, I expected to see yesterday's crossword puzzle in today's paper. What is the deal?

Roy McLaurin

I agree, I am still waiting on an update on the car in the swimming pool story where the driver left the scene with passengers still in the car in the water.

Frances Vesely

Today, Wednesday, got the Monday's crossword. Thanks for the correction.

Frances Vesely

I do not agree with the opinion column about separation of Children. The parents of these children are at fault for allowing this. They put their children in harm's way of coming into this country. I have heard a former Border Patrol agent state that parents of these children can claim them but do not do so. The children are well taken care of and again, the parents are at fault. But the entire family should be deported back into Mexico. And if the parents send their children here by coyotes, that is even worse. So don't blame Pres. Trump. He is trying to stop illegal immigration. So remember, it is the parents' fault that these children are here in the first place. And this letter is not for publication.

Quincy Thompson

Spot on Frances, Trump gets blamed for everything. Remember the 2014 pics of "cages" that were under Obama but blamed on Trump. That is the "Left" of today!

Tim Foerster

Will the Advocate be doing a Biden hit piece anytime soon, or will the Trump ones continue until the election is over... Not surprised this one is from the Dallas Morning News... Maybe y'all could run the New York Post, Hunter Biden laptop piece. I mean, fair is fair...

Ciara McCarthy Staff
Ciara McCarthy

Hi all -- Thanks for your feedback! I did want to clarify that this opinion piece is from the Dallas Morning News' opinion page, and was not produced or endorsed by the Advocate. The Advocate publishes a wide range of opinion columnists from editorial boards and columnists with a range of different perspectives, like this one published Oct. 24 from Walter Williams: https://www.victoriaadvocate.com/opinion/syndicated-column-disgusting-professorial-teachings/article_dd7be7be-1477-11eb-a9b9-4783532227f1.html. Thanks for your thoughts, and please let us know if you have additional questions about how the Advocate's editorial board selects columns and editorials for syndication. All the best, Ciara McCarthy, Advocate reporter

Mary Ann Wenske

Ok, we'll be looking for a Biden hit piece or two before the election.

Frances Vesely

I knew it was from the Dallas Morning News but wanted to share my disagreement with it.

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