Letters to the editor

Editor, the Advocate:

There is only one race of people in the world. It is the human race that almighty creator God put on the Earth.

Acts 17:2, “And God made from one (Adam) every nation (‘ethnos’ in the Greek; ‘ethnic’ is the English word. Nations are ethnicities, not races). So God made from Adam every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth, having determined their appointed times (existence) and the boundaries of their habitation, or lands (countries).” How can people call people racist when we are all from one race, the human race? What we do have is prejudice, when we look at skin color or languages or the nation we come from. We are not racist because we have different religions or beliefs. The news media today is giving out misinformation of who we are, according to their ignorance of Bible truth. And now politicians are using these terms for their ignorant political gain. Do we need to ask ourselves, “Who am I?” Well, we are all God’s creation and need to respect God and one another. Yes, I also am a Christian, and if you do not like Christians, you are not a racist, you are prejudiced.

By the way, I am Scottish, Irish, Dutch, French and Norwegian with black hair and brown skin – so what!

Pastor John Fisher, Point Comfort

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Virginia Gilstrap

Yes, Pastor Fisher is right: "We're one tribe, ya'll!" as the great Black Eyed Peas song goes. However, we are in a century where new versions of the human race are likely to develop. First, here on earth we now have the capability of editing our genes. This is a huge step and scientists are rightly concerned and conservative about moving forward with this field. Once a person's genes are changed, they will pass it down to all their descendants. If we are humble about this, we realize that nature did all the experimenting to bring us this far. We know the consequences. Us. But if we are greedy and arrogant and think we can get more of what we want when we want it, we will try it. Human nature being what it is, chances are it will happen. Already last year a Chinese scientist edited a baby's genes to resist the HIV virus. He wound up arrested for making an individual choice to do it. But, what are the chances that some billionaire will pay a scientist to edit her unborn child's genes to protect and/or enhance their lives. If not 100 % then pretty high. And thus the fork in the road. The natural human and the enhanced human.

The second way another race of humans may develop in this century is if we colonize off world. If we make this planet unsustainable and humans do find a way to survive off world, the evolution in a different gravity is likely cause a very different form of humanity to develop.

My preference is sticking with natural development right here. If we don't get busy reducing carbon pollution, that choice may be moot.

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