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What happens if I don't get to pick?

You're not out of the running for the grand prize if you miss a week! We only score the grand prize based on your top 6 performances. If you miss a week just pick yourself up and keep picking!

How do I play?

This year, use your Facebook or Google+ login to access your account and get started. If you used a Victoria Advocate account to register and play in 2013, you may continue to use that. All new registrants will need to use their social log in to play. After that, make your picks. You'll have 19 choices, as well as a special tiebreaker where you try to get as close to the actual score. We'll use that to determine the winner when we have a tie. The player that matches the tiebreaker score or has the closest score on the tiebreaker will get that point. You can pick until the game is scheduled to start. After that your picks are locked, but you can still view your choices.

When will I know who won?

Each Monday our sports staff will choose a winner and let that person know by e-mail. We'll also send out a newsletter that highlights who won and that you can pick again for the next week.

How much does this cost?

Nothing to play. Certain prizes, including the grand prize, may have fees associated with them e.g. delivery or tax. The winner of the grand prize will be required to complete and submit a W-1099 form and pay taxes on the prize. However there is no charge to play the contest.

Who are VIPs?

Resident football experts who play the contest for the glory. Compare your results with theirs and see how well you can compete against the pros!

My question isn't listed

You can e-mail us, or call us at (361) 580-6562.

Where are my favorite teams?

If would like to see a team on the pick list, you can fill out the form below to suggest an upcoming game. Only suggestions that are made at least one week prior will be considered.

ex: 10:30AM

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