Bond planning task force

Community task force members meet for the first time on June 21. They discussed the district’s budget and financing before reviewing potential election options.

The Victoria school district’s bond planning task force has wrapped its two-week discussion ahead of two community meetings.

The community meetings will be July 21 and 22. The location and times of those meetings have yet to be announced by the district. The purpose for the meetings is for the community to review the work of the task force and give feedback.

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Samantha Douty is the education reporter at the Victoria Advocate. She grew up in Corpus Christi and graduated from UT-Arlington with a bachelor's in journalism.

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Samantha Douty is the education reporter at the Victoria Advocate. She grew up in Corpus Christi and graduated from UT-Arlington with a bachelor's in journalism.

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HR Mallory


Here’s another thought 24 million (for the oldest campus in the district) while still a lot of money is a lot less than 83 million.

Voters have rejected two bond proposals from VISD because of the price tag, I don’t think anyone disagrees that VISD has needs but the voters were not on board due to the price tag. Additionally the Stroman Stem campus would be available to all VISD students regardless of where they lived in the district so a new campus would potentially benefit all students interested in stem.

Personally I am on board with new campuses on the Southside of city but if VISD builds new facilities it should focus on consolidating campuses so we don’t need another 83 million plus to rebuild another middle school about a mile down the road.

C Droost

I try to hold off awhile before commenting; gives me some time to hold my temper in check a bit if needed. I definitely needed that extra time here. Meanwhile, Mr Coffey just jumped right out there. Thank you, sir. Couldn’t have said it more explicitly myself. Following is how I was working to hold my cuss-like-a-sailor vocabulary in check a bit:

“Task force member Bill Pozzi thinks Victoria voters will approve a new Mission Valley campus, but he does not suspect the same for Stroman.” If this is true, the real question is “Why?” They’re both failing infrastructures. They’re both entrusted with our children’s futures. They’re both part of the VISD. So, why one and not the other? The implication is that either one school is more important than the other, or that the voters *think* that one school is more important than the other. Regardless of which truth, how sad. I’m not at all sure that just focusing “on what residents would pass” is the right approach.

Allen T Coffey

You're welcome, Mr. Droost.

Allen T Coffey

The unspoken truth of Mission Valley Elementary and Stroman Middle Schools: the nice Whyte people are more than willing to spend money where the nice Whyte kids go to school -- Mission Valley. They are unwilling to spend money on Stroman because that's where the Black and Brown kids are. Show me how you want to spend your money and I will show you what's important to you.

Rick Dockery

You forgot to blame Trump. Might hurt the resume.

Allen T Coffey

Mr. Dockery, this predates Trump, so why mention him?

Rick Dockery

Why mention race? Because it's much easier than reasoning. We are not an open checkbook for VISD. They haven't even paid off the last bond. If you own a business, you budget. You foresee. If people are truly concerned with education, then advocate for some form of school choice. Districts do not have to be concerned when they are the only game in town. People are stuck with the schools in their zone. If only one farmer sells apples, what does he care if the apples are any good. Study the history of federal education....

Allen T Coffey

Mr. Dockery, race is the giant elephant in every room where money that might benefit Black and Brown people comes up. Just drive down to the Southside of Victoria and compare the infrastructure to Colony Creek or any of nice housing additions on the Northside of town. Notice anything? The Southside has substandard infrastructure. Go down under the Hill and a lot of that area has open ditches for drainage, rather than covered storm drains. This may have been okay in the 1800s and early 1900s, but not so now. Now consider this. Who lives there? Nice Whyte people? Or Black and Brown people with poor Whytes? Now you do the reasoning. Compare and contrast.

Rick Dockery

I did a little research and on great schools website stroman scored a 2 out of 10...How is a new building going to address that? We are being hoodwinked by VISD. You want equity? Get those kids out of these failing schools. Give these parents a fighting chance. I'm surprised we don't have a charter school. Beeville has one of the top charter schools in the state. If they can, we should. Which battle should we as caring citizens battle I ask. Money for buildings, or schools that can function?

Allen T Coffey

Mr. Dockery,

I did some research as well. According to what I found, Great Schools is not a good source of accurate information for a variety of reasons -- the main one being that it's scores skew negative because of the lower income levels in low income schools. I guess that has to do with being associated with a real estate site -- Zillow. Anyhow, you can read about it here:

This article is also referenced by VOX:

That all being said, race and poverty are the giant elephants in this room. If you are unable to see that, you have my since sympathy.

Rick Dockery

It's an elephant in the room that is not being addressed. A better education, better choices, not new buildings is what these kids need. I'd have 0 problem paying a little more in taxes if I knew it would give the kids a chance at a better education. Instead, we turn this into buildings. We need solutions to the bigger issue. I just saw great scores, but you can see the report card on the TEA website. For a state that claims freedom, they sure have a grip on public education.

Rick Dockery

TEA has stroman at an F

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