More than 1,000 people have signed a petition on calling for the removal of the Confederate statue in DeLeon Plaza in downtown Victoria.

Lisa Ruiz, 41, one of the organizers of Sunday’s Black Lives Matter protest in Victoria, created the petition Monday. Ruiz, who was born and raised in Cuero and has lived in Victoria since 2012, said Wednesday that most of the people who have signed it are Victoria residents.

Mark Rosenberg reports on rural community life for the Victoria Advocate as a Report for America corps member. He can be reached at or 361-574-1264 or on Twitter at @markrosenberg32. To support local journalism at the Advocate through Report for America, go to

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Mark Rosenberg writes about rural community life for the Advocate as a Report for America corps member. He covers Calhoun, DeWitt, Goliad, Jackson, Lavaca, and Refugio counties. Questions or tips? Contact: or call 361-574-1264.

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Scott Burton

And nowhere in the article does it mention the almost 5,000 signatures to keep it in place.

Mark Rosenberg Staff
Mark Rosenberg

Scott, thanks for reading. That second petition was started after this story was published. We'll be including an update on it in our follow-up coverage.

Mike Gomez

Ron,You need to focus instead of just posting scripted right- wing talking points....

The topic is the unknown soldier in Victoria’s DeLeon Plaza...What would CNN have to do with that? I don’t understand RW so You’ll have to explain your acronym ( PMSDNC?) ....I was responding to a poster stated that Victoria is not Atlanta etc...I gave some examples.....I didn’t mention Donald Trump or Abraham Lincoln. BTW didn’t you complain about someone from Cuero telling us what to do? Who is this us ,aren’t you from Mississippi?

Vanessa Hicks-Callaway

As a friendly reminder, we are not Atlanta, Richmond, or Birmingham (cities that removed Confederate statues). We are Victoria. We are a free city, a free state, and a free nation with freedom of speech. With freedom comes tolerance, something Victoria, Texans, past and present, have been able to do for over 100 years. Why stop now? I see “The Last Stand” statue of the Confederate soldier as a form of free speech. Believe it or not, this statue reminds me, a black woman, of how free I really am. In America, people who support this kind of statue of a soldier, who by the way, was likely conscripted and forced to fight, with obvious links to slavery-a horrific stain on the history of America, can have their constitutional, first amendment rights protected, then so can I! I became a soldier and swore an oath to defend the US Constitution-even to the death if necessary because I know how important it is. We are Victoria. We are free. Perhaps it is time for an injunction of sorts to protect our city’s artifacts. We are Victoria. We are America. We have a freedom bought and paid for with the blood and lives of our greatest warriors. Don’t belittle their sacrifice by giving up even the tiniest piece of 'ground.' We are Victoria. We are America. We are free.

Daniel Martin

After some deep thought and some post Civil War research I think we can come to an agreement on the fate of Johnny Reb.

First change his name to Jim Crow and hang a white flag on his rifle. Still in his place of honor (?) and historically accurate and everyone is happy. 🇺🇸☮️

David Murray

Let it stand.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Glen or Janice Ullman

Jun 11, 2020 7:14am

Don’t tear them down, sell them to the highest

Bidder. It is an impressive work of art, which apparently appeals to a lot of people. Replace them with something or someone more Palatable to all. Perhaps a wall of names for all the local hero’s that died for the country. We should never forget what division within our country can become, and how important it is to avoid it.....Glen Ullman..reposted after my comments disappeared?

Steve Fiedler

dont you mean palatable to you and those who agree with you? 'all' will never happen

Daniel Lopez

The Confederacy Established

South Carolina was the first to secede, on December 20, 1860, followed by Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana and Texas. When will the BLM, decide they no longer want these States identifying as part of the United States of America and removed.

Tim Foerster

The thirst of the mob will never be quenched.

Dale Turner

I do not support the removal.

Ron Sandidge

Also, monuments to many things were done on intervals of 50 and 100 years. That would be approx. 1911 to 1915 and 1961 to 1965. Go figure.


I think their was a different statue in the mid 1960's. Please leave the park alone.

Ron Sandidge

Oh great, someone from out of town comes in and wants to make changes again. The Statue hasn't hurt anyone. You want to remove things of so called white supremacy, maybe try some paintings of Abraham Lincoln. He stated whites were superior. But it was history, the way it was. You cannot change the history by Taliban style destroying history.

Martin Strarup

“To a lot of community members, it’s a slap in the face,” Ruiz said.

And to others it is a symbol of our past and it needs to stay right where it is. Go petition to have street names changed or something.

Allen T Coffey

It's long past time for this piece of Confederate proganda about the lost cause to be removed.

Rick Dockery

It will take a while. There is still an underbelly of racial bias in this city. Unfortunately

Mike Gomez

The dialogue is very one- sided with little or no compromise. That’s to be expected.

I was and have been for several years on the side of leaving the statue of the “nameless soldier” in place until I read the remarks of Professor Mammina about the “Last Stand” and it’s meaning: the sacred cause “of establishing a “white man’s country.” I guess we didn’t read the fine print because as she put it “In 1912, Victorians dedicated a monument to white supremacy.”

So, the people wanting the statue to remain are using the same old arguments: 1. Slippery slope 2. Erasing history 3. Heritage 4. Exaggerations 5. This is Victoria, “love it or leave it.” … (I guess that can go either way if petition is granted.)

Not in Victoria? I remember the separate fountains, restrooms, schools, and I remember road graffiti on May 26,2010 that read “Kill Obama.” Perhaps, we should have left it there to remind us of history. I even remember the day President Obama wanted to wish the children a good day on their first day of returning to school. In Victoria, Texas, a permission slip from the parents was needed to view it. I was born and raised in Victoria, I love the city and its people, so in the words of Joe Biden,” don’t try to push that malarkey on me.”

Ron Sandidge

So with you watching of the Clinton New Network or PMSDNC you NEVER have seen Kill Trump or Old Red Kathy with Trumps bloody head. Your mind will never see truth until you change the channel. Maybe we should bring back ole Abe Lincoln with his practice of shutting down presses and jailing some.

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