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    I am a Christian Science practitioner and teacher, as well as a syndicated columnist.But let’s go back to almost the beginning: I was a spiritual thinker as well as the slowest 12 year-old-pitcher in baseball in ’69. Fortunately, my pitching delivery didn’t disqualify me from managing several teams when my stepsons joined Little League Baseball in ’99 or keep me from searching for the connections between thought, spirituality, and health. After baseball and before I married my beautiful wife, Joanne, I toured with the Austin, Texas, musical group, The Wommack Brothers Band. Our band performed with greats like Journey, Elvis Costello, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s been said that I was quicker with my guitar than I was with my fastball. After music, I began healing others in my spiritual/prayerful practice of Christian Science. Again, I was on the road. I gave talks in universities, libraries, prisons, hospitals, and churches throughout America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. These events focused on health and spirituality from a Christian Science perspective. After lecturing, I began to write. My columns became a mixture of insights on spirituality, music, and new frontiers of health. Besides continuing to take care of patients in my healing practice, I also teach a yearly class instructing others how to heal spiritually.

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