Nicolas Galindo

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    March 30, 2017
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    Victoria, Texas
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    Photojournalist Intern
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    Motorcycling, playing ice hockey, watching ice hockey, playing bass guitar, and photography/ videography


    When I was in college going through the photojournalism program, I had one professor that would consistently tell us to 'shine the light' as we'd leave his class, cameras in hand. I never really knew what it meant until I started interning here.

    I had only shot things for myself and a very short lived stint at Southern Illinois University's Daily Egyptian. However, now I realize, as a photographer, that's exactly what I do.

    Photographs have an odd and surreal power which can impact people. Through pictures we bring a light on an issue or event that not everyone knows about in order to make people aware. As I continue through my internship and create photos which affect people, I realize that I am 'shining the light' for our readers. Being from the Chicago suburbs, I never imagined I be in Texas, let alone doing something I love doing all the while bringing you, the readers, the best possible work I can provide to help strengthen the already strong community that exists here.

    Nicolas is currently a photojournalism intern here at the Advocate. Originally from the Western suburbs of Chicago and a recent graduate of Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, where he earned both a Bachelor's of Science in Journalism, concentration in photojournalism, and a Bachelor's of Arts in English.

    The Advocate is his first internship since graduation and he'll be with us at least until January.

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