Hidden in Plain SightThe U.S. health care system is broken for most people. The U.S. spends more on health care than any other wealthy nation, yet medical expenses are a greater burden for most American citizens. Amid this complicated system, rural areas are often hit hardest. Rural Americans tend to be older, sicker, and are more likely to lack insurance. They often live miles from the nearest health-care provider and are forced to commute to major metro areas to get life-saving care. Rural hospitals are struggling to keep their doors open and to recruit enough physicians and nurses to keep their communities healthy. Our special series, "Rural Rx," produced with the support of Report for America, examines the challenges and solutions to maintaining a healthy population in the Crossroads..


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Victoria’s Emergency Medical Services can now provide whole blood to trauma victims, a dramatic upgrade from options that were previously available to patients who had suffered severe blood loss.

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