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Chris Cobler Mug

Phone: 361-574-1271


"I try to treat each day as editor and publisher of the Advocate as a gift. I thank the newspaper's owners, my co-workers and my community for their faith in me to do a job I consider central to society. While embracing the exciting opportunities presented by new media, I believe newspapers' future, whether in print or online, rests with the old-fashioned values of serving your community, creating meaningful connections, and trying to make a difference in our readers' lives. We're all family, after all. A newspaper should be that close friend who cheers your successes, cries over your losses, and prods you to be better than you ever thought possible." 

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Phone: 361-580-6509


With the executives and sales team at the Victoria Advocate, we are building a best in class small market publishing company serving up ad products with real value to advertisers withinan award winning editorial context.

Tim Miller

Phone: 361-574-1272


I have been with the Advocate since August 2011. I like to bowl and usually do about 4 tournaments a year.  I am also a foodie and love to try new restaurants.  I love to travel and visit new areas and always use tv food maps to locate restaurants to try out.

Phone: 903-237-7796


John Shaw

I am a very diligent, hard working, goal oriented and results driven individual. I believe firmly in getting it done right the first time and make sure it's done as efficiently as possible.

Phone: 361-574-1262


I have been at the Advocate for a number of years, and in the circulation business for several newspapers.

Charles Kulow

Phone: 361-574-1259


I have worked at the Victoria Advocate since June of 1974. I'm married, like to travel, and like all kinds of food.


Becky Cooper

Phone: 361-574-1285


“I like working at the Advocate because every day is different. I like being able to tell the stories of our community from fun light-hearted stories to sad life-changing stories to hard hitting-investigative reports every day for our readers to enjoy. In my more than 30 years with the Advocate, no two days have been the same, which keeps my interest in my work fresh. Working with the staff to develop the stories and try new ways of presenting the news in print and online also keeps the job fresh. I enjoy picking up the paper in the morning or clicking on the online paper and seeing the work our talented staff has done to educate and entertain our readers." 

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Tony Balandran

Phone: 361-574-1223


"For almost 170 years, generations of Victoria readers have trusted the Victoria Advocate to be their key source of information about the region. They have turned to the pages of the newspaper to learn about the world surrounding them during good times and bad. For that reason, the Advocate is part of the region's history, and I am honored to be a part of that long journalism tradition that began in 1846. I owe it to Crossroads readers and to my long line of newsroom predecessors to make sure that the stories we print in the Advocate are fair, accurate and timely." 

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Thomas R. Martinez

Phone: 361-580-6519


I like having my hands in all things digital for the Victoria Advocate. I have a long, storied newspaper career with stops in Colorado, Oregon, Nebraska, Wyoming and Arizona.  

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J Ortega

Phone: 361-580-6504


I've worked in many capacities at the Victoria Advocate since I started here in May of 2009, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. I’m a pretty avid gamer, and I put thousands of hours into video games. I write a gamer’s column “Gamer’s Thumb” to give Crossroads readers some variety in gaming news and reviews.  I’ve been with my partner, Jon, for 12 years. I enjoy reading, cooking and DIY. 

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Mike Forman

Phone: 361-580-6588


"I enjoy covering events and keeping our readers informed about what's going on in area sports." 

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Angela Piazza

Phone: 361-580-6584


"I'm originally from Arizona and studied print journalism at Arizona State's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Check out my new Twitter series #CatsOnAssignment." 

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Laura Garcia

Phone: 361-580-6585


"I love meeting people and telling their stories. Just finding people who genuinely care about the community and are passionate about what they do is what makes the long, crazy hours worth it." 

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Jessica Priest

Phone: 361-580-6521


"I have been reporting stories at the Advocate since August 2012. I am passionate about holding those in public office accountable and giving a voice to marginalized people. I’m a scary movie buff — I have a cat named after a vampire but she’s much friendlier. I like bike riding and I think peanut butter and chocolate are a winning combination. 😊 

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Marina Riker

Phone: 361-580-6511


"My favorite part about working at The Advocate is being able to bring all voices to the table when discussing important issues for Crossroads residents. I'm passionate about drawing attention to Victoria's challenges to spur positive change. It's also my goal to shine a light on problems so community leaders and residents can decide how to tackle them." 

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Phone: 361-580-6515


"Whether I am on the scene of breaking news or at my desk in the newsroom, I love my job because I learn something new every day. Reporting in the Crossroads has given me a unique chance to get to know one of the most vibrant communities in Texas firsthand. As a newly-settled Victorian, I promise to give my best effort in serving the area with accurate and timely information." 

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Gabriella Canales

Phone: 361-580-6578


"When I started my internship in April, I had no idea what to expect. I thought Clark Kent was going to turn the corner and people would be shouting deadline, deadline! I originally wanted to be a high school English teacher, however, I came to love what I was doing with my time at the Advocate. My passion for writing is why I am here." 

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Kathryn Cargo

Phone: 361-580-6328


"Reporting in the Crossroads is a new adventure each day, because I always learn something new about the community. I love being in one of the most unique places in Texas with so many people who have fascinating stories to tell. The best part is that I get to tell those stories. " 

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Phone: 361-580-6303


"I love having the opportunity to meet so many different people in the Crossroads and learn something new every day. It's an honor to be entrusted with the stories and news of our area." 

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Phone: 361-580-6597


"I love working at The Advocate because I've never worked someplace so completely grounded in its community and dedicated to serving that community. The entire staff works diligently and tirelessly to produce the best newspaper possible, and it is such a privilege to be a part of that effort." 

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Rey Castillo

Phone: 361-580-6514


"Writing about sports has always been my passion. Now, I get to do it alongside the most talented journalists in Victoria. The best part about my job is interviewing athletes after a game and seeing the excitement on their faces." 

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David Vasquez

Phone: 361-580-6576


"I am very excited and extremely grateful to have the opportunity to continue my journalism career at the Victoria Advocate.." 

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Evan Lewis

Phone: 361-574-1204


I moved to South Texas and the Advocate in November 2017, before that I worked in Northeast Texas, Southwest Arkansas and Colorado. The thing I enjoy the most about community journalism is meeting the individuals that make up this community and the opportunity to tell their stories. 

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Evan Lewis

Phone: 361-574-1286


"I'm originally from Georgia and studied journalism with a concentration in photojournalism at the University of Georgia's Henry W. Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. I believe that as photojournalists we are trained observers of the human condition and that photojournalism is a powerful tool to honor those we document and to inform our communities and beyond of the issues that influence and impact our world. When I'm not making photographs, I'm probably petting a cat or tending to my numerous houseplants while sipping a cup of a coffee." 

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Matthew Westmoreland

Phone: 361-574-1264


I’m a photo intern with the Advocate until January 2019 and am currently studying photojournalism at UNC Chapel Hill. I’m constantly busy discovering South Texas through my lens and always look forward to the next story. For a behind-the-scenes look at my shoots, check out my Instagram at @westmojourno

Delivery Desk

Kimiko Fieg

Phone: 361-574-1222


"Victoria Advocate is a gem in this community, I believe. It has improved tremendously last 10 years. I am always reminded of that seeing so many plaques lining the wall of the newsroom. (I don't think there are enough room left to display them all.) A tight-knit but small newsroom staff that strives to deliver the best-quality paper daily. I am happy to be part of this team. This rare, family-owned newspaper should be cherished and preserved to keep the vibrant journalism thrive to better the community for long time to come." 

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Phone: 361-574-1207


"For me, having a hand in creating something that impacts people on a daily basis is what makes working at the Advocate so special." 

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Sam Hankins

Phone: 361-580-6518


"I love being part of the team that brings people their news. Whether it's laying out a big story or thinking of the perfect headline, there's always something interesting to do." 

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Nicole Crapps

Phone: 361-580-6313


"My favorite part of my job is getting people interested in a story they might not otherwise have read because of an exciting, eye-catching design." 

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Editorial assistants

Robbi Patterson

Phone: 361-580-6524


"I like working at the Advocate because I like to know what is going on in the community and preserving its history." 

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Kathleen Grones

Phone: 361-574-1222


"Being at the Advocate is rewarding and challenging -- something fresh and new every day. I enjoy being able to be of service to my community." 

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Sandy Turner

Phone: 361-574-1257


I started at the Advocate in 1997. I like music, spending time with family and friends, and chocolate. I don't like cold weather (or being cold in general), mosquitos and spiders


Annie Andrade

Phone: 361-574-1241


I began at the Victoria Advocate in October of 1975. I have a beautiful daughter, Tiffany, and a handsome son-in-law, Blake. And I was blessed with a handsome, precious grandson, Thomas Robert Spoon, and I love him so much. I love playing bingo (actually, I am the Champion Queen of Bingo!). I love Mexican food, T-Bone Steaks -- let's put it this way: I love food. I love working with my co-workers.

Thomas Bonner

Phone: 361-574-1249


I started at the Advocate in September 2009. I have two older brothers and one older sister. My wife and I have been together for 19 years and have the same birthday. I am a professional drummer. My favorite food is Mexican food.

Kathleen Grones

Phone: 361-574-574-1234


I have worked at the Victoria Advocate since August of 2017. I am happily married to my best friend and share our home with three rescued fur babies. Outside of work, I am heavily involved with my church, where my wife and I lead worship and we volunteer frequently with Theatre Victoria.

Amory Gritta

Phone: 361-574-1235


I worked in the IT industry for almost 20 years before determining I needed to expand my knowledge base in order to better implement my natural abilities. I attended classes at the University of Houston-Victoria and received Bachelor of Science degrees in Criminal Justice and in Psychology and recently graduated with my Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies concentrating, again, on Criminal Justice and Psychology. I recently decided to begin working towards a third BS majoring in Communications. In addition to graduating summa cum laude when receiving my baccalaureates, I was recognized as the Spring 2017 UHV School of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student.

Cynthia Fernandes

Phone: 361-574-580-6508


I started at the Advocate in February of 2016. I love animals, especially dogs. My husband and I own a 10-year-old Cocker Spaniel, a 9-month-old Siberian Husky, and two adorable ferrets. There is never a dull moment in our home!

Jana Hornberger

Phone: 361-574-1243


I started at the Advoate in 1994. I've been here such a long, but I still love what I do, meeting customer's advertising needs.

gabriela Rivera

Phone: 361-574-1251


I've worked at the Victoria Advocate since February 2017. I love spending time with my kids and enjoy living in the moment.

Ashley Scott

Phone: 361-580-6317


I started at the Victoria Advocate in August of 2017. I hold a bachelor of science in communications from University of Houston-Victoria, a master of science in strategic human resources from the University of Denver and will be pursuing a doctor of strategic leadership in January 2019.  I currently am in charge of all niche publications within the Victoria Advocate and hold a sales territory where my number one goal and objective is to help local businesses increase visibility and expand their brand in order to increase their profit margin and customer base.

Phone: 361-574-6356


Dustin Starrak

I've worked at the Victoria Advocate since August of 2015. I am the oldest child in my family, my father and his parents immigrated to Texas from Canada in the 1950s. I also have two younger brothers. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling to the beach. I also like learning about other cultures and ways of life.

Tony Vasquez

Phone: 361-580-6356


I've worked at the Victoria Advocate since October 2010. Other than the Obituaries and Celebrations sections, I also produce the Spotted page in the Thursday edition of Get Out. I have a strong interest in the local arts in the community and currently serve on the boards of The Nave Museum, Victoria Ballet Theatre, Victoria Public Library, and Victoria Fine Arts Association.

Peter Wallner

Phone: 361-580-6551


I started at the Victoria Advocate in April 2018. I’m from Denmark and a proud father.



I've worked at the Victoria Advocate since June of 2002. I have three kids (Kierstyn, Sam and Valerie); 2 dogs (Maddie and Pastry); 1 granddog (Izarrie); I'm a Thespian and absolutely LOVE poetry (Langston Hughes, Anne Rice, Maya Angelou) … LOVE, LOVE, LOVE salsa, guacamole and tortilla chips.

Customer Care

Ashley Cooper

Phone: 361-574-1200


I started at the Victoria Advocate in February 2018. I love to read and write.

Jean Marshall

Phone: 361-574-1200


I've worked at the Victoria Advocate since March 2001. I've been married for 35 years, and have three grandchildren. I enjoy fresh water fishing on Coleto Creek lake.

Bridget Vela

Phone: 361-574-1254


I started at Advocate in September of 2011. I love spending time with my son and family!

Rena Velez

Phone: 361-574-1200


I began at the Victoria Advocate in August 2017. I am obsessed with fragrances, such as scented oils, lotions, perfume, cologne, etc.

Information Technology

Shawn Willmon

Phone: 361-574-1219


My journey at the Victoria Advocate began in August of 1996. I like to grill and BBQ/smoke food. All food, not just meats. Smoked eggs, smoked cheese, smoked Cheez-Its (crazy yummy), smoked salt.

Business Office

Ashley Taylor

Phone: 361-574-1268


I started at the Advocate in November of 2017. I have been married 10 years and have three loving kids (2 boys and 1 girl). I love being outdoors, hunting fishing and playing tennis. I’m also a huge football and NASCAR fan.


Terry Solis

Phone: 361-574-1213


I've worked at the Advocate since May of 1999. I’m married to my amazing husband of 24 years, Marc Solis. We have two children, Kelsey (23 years old) and Ryan (17 years old).  My favorite thing is spending time with my family. We love baseball (Astros baby!), fishing, traveling, eating out (favorites are Thai and Cajun), and some nights we just love to sit in our stretching pants and binge watch our shows on Netflix.


Brian Higdon

Phone: 361-574-1205


I started at the Victoria Advocate in May of 1987. I like to fish, camp and listening to music. My favorite foods are fish and BBQ. An interesting fact about me people may not know is that I have a PA system.


William LoPinto

My journey at the Victoria Advocate began in July of 2017. I like meeting people, lovie Italian food, cars and radio controlled airplanes.


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