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Chris Cobler
Chris Cobler

"I try to treat each day as editor of the Advocate as a gift. I thank the newspaper's owners, my co-workers and my community for their faith in me to do a job I consider central to society. While embracing the exciting opportunities presented by new media, I believe newspapers' future, whether in print or online, rests with the old-fashioned values of serving your community, creating meaningful connections, and trying to make a difference in our readers' lives.

We're all family, after all. A newspaper should be that close friend who cheers your successes, cries over your losses, and prods you to be better than you ever thought possible."
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Becky Cooper
Managing Editor for Content

“I like working at the Advocate because every day is different. I like being able to tell the stories of our community from fun light-hearted stories to sad life-changing stories to hard hitting-investigative reports every day for our readers to enjoy.

In my 30 years with the Advocate, no two days have been the same, which keeps my interest in my work fresh. Working with the staff to develop the stories and try new ways of presenting the news in print and online also keeps the job fresh. I enjoy picking up the paper in the morning or clicking on the online paper and seeing the work our talented staff has done to educate and entertain our readers."
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Tony Balandran
Tony Balandran
City Editor

"For almost 170 years, generations of Victoria readers have trusted the Victoria Advocate to be their key source of information about the region. They have turned to the pages of the newspaper to learn about the world surrounding them during good times and bad. For that reason, the Advocate is part of the region's history, and I am honored to be a part of that long journalism tradition that began in 1846. I owe it to Crossroads readers and to my long line of newsroom predecessors to make sure that the stories we print in the Advocate are fair, accurate and timely."
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JR Ortega
JR Ortega
Copy Desk Chief

"I've worked in many capacities at the Victoria Advocate over the past almost six years, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. From being a reporter, to then being features editor and eventually delivery desk chief, the Advocate continues challenging me every day to be better than I believe I am. One of the best aspects of this job is hearing feedback from our community about how the newspaper is working in their lives - money can't buy that kind of feedback. Leading the delivery desk, which is made up of copy editors/designers, I've learned so much about copy editing and making writing tighter and better. As bad as it may sound, I enjoy finding errors prior to publication because it makes me feel like we're working that much harder and truly making the paper the best it can be."
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Jennifer Preyss
Jennifer Preyss
Features Editor/GC Magazine Editor-in-Chief

"When I landed at the Advocate five years ago, I didn't expect to become so endeared to this paper. It's a newsroom like no other, one that allows journalists to freely pursue topics that interest them. We hear "Yes" around here more than we hear "No," which may be the reason a large number of reporters and editors, graphic designers and photographers from near and far want to work here -- there's freedom to explore the world and pen great stories. One of the most significant "Yes" moments I experienced here was in 2013, when my editors allowed me to travel to India for a month, so I could write about international religion and the blending of Western and Eastern cultures. But I've had the opportunity to accomplish many professional goals while working for the Advocate and I know I'm blessed to be part of this magical team. It truly is one of the best community newspapers in the nation.

I've always said that being a journalist is like having an all-access VIP badge to private details of people's lives. Somehow, being a member of the media allows us the rare gift of being able to ask the most intimate and personal questions to strangers and know there's an honest answer on the other end of the question. It's an honor and a privilege to be the person who gets to facilitate those special interviews and be trusted to write a story that makes a difference in the community. More recently, I've loved being part of the GC magazine team, overseeing many significant changes in its presentation and content as we push forward to a new era of GC. We are aiming to create a city magazine the Crossroads can be proud of, and dying to read each month. I believe are achieving that goal each month."
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Laura Garcia
Nonprofits/Health Reporter

"I love meeting people and telling their stories. Just finding people who genuinely care about the community and are passionate about what they do is what makes the long, crazy hours worth it."
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Jessica Priest
Jessica Priest
Courts Reporter/Watchdog Columnist

"I am fascinated by our judiciary and enjoy learning about and explaining its processes to our readers. I am passionate about holding those in public office accountable and giving a voice to marginalized people."
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Sara Sneath
Sara Sneath
Environmental Reporter

"Unlike many of my peers in the business, I get to meet most of the people I talk to face-to-face on oyster boats, helicopters and muddy rice fields. But the most rewarding aspect of my job is that I get to go home every night knowing that my work benefits my community."
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Jon Wilcox
Jon Wilcox
Breaking News Reporter

"Whether I am on the scene of breaking news or at my desk in the newsroom, I love my job because I learn something new every day. Reporting in the Crossroads has given me a unique chance to get to know one of the most vibrant communities in Texas firsthand. As a newly-settled Victorian, I promise to give my best effort in serving the area with accurate and timely information."
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Alexandria Alejandro
Alexandria Alejandro
Sports Editor

"Why do I like my job? I watch sports for a living --- what other answer is there? As for working at the Advocate — There's plenty: The ping-pong table in the break room; cake days; Taylor Mitchell going at the punching bag on his desk; cool sports assignments; and most of all, working for and with people who care about our community.”
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Mike Forman
Mike Forman

"I enjoy covering events and keeping our readers informed about what's going on in area sports."
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Jaime Carrero
Jaime Carrero
Staff Photographer

"Being a photojournalist affords me an opportunity to being a witness to events as they unfold. It provides a chance to crystallize the moment and summarize what occurred in one frame. That image can then be later examined and analyzed for the information it provides.It becomes a document to a moment and an object. Photojournalism is the business of documenting the human condition. No assignment is mundane, superficial or unimportant. It requires gaining the subject’s trust and that is a very delicate currency. It is the photojournalist’s duty to be accurate and fair in a split second. It demands that the person wielding the camera show empathy, humanity and show above all, deep respect for both the subject and the craft. It provides for an opportunity to meet people you probably would not and who if you are lucky allow you into their lives. It is a very serious responsibility. It is a privilege."
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Ana Ramirez
Ana Ramirez
Staff Photographer

"Being a photojournalist is more than just a job to me. It’s a passion, a way to tell people’s stories, to document history, and to capture a certain moment."
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Copy Desk

Kimiko Fieg
Graphic Artist

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Meredith Cash
Senior Copy editor/Page Designer

"For me, having a hand in creating something that impacts people on a daily basis is what makes working at the Advocate so special."

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Alexandria Rodriguez
Copy editor/Page Designer

Nicole Crapps
Copy editor/Page Designer

"My favorite part of my job is getting people interested in a story they might not otherwise have read because of an exciting, eye-catching design."

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Sam Hankins
Copy editor/Page Designer

"I love being part of the team that brings people their news. Whether it's laying out a big story or thinking of the perfect headline, there's always something interesting to do."
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Web team

Administrative Staff

Kathleen Grones
Kathleen Grones
Administrative Assistant

"Being at the Advocate is rewarding and challenging -- something fresh and new every day. I enjoy being able to be of service to my community."
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Robbi Patterson

"I like working at the Advocate because I like to know what is going on in the community and preserving its history."
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