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When we asked for selfies of our readers and their cats, we hoped the turnout would rival that of our past, canine-themed contest. Kitty enthusiasts delivered, sending more than 50 shots of their favorite furballs. The range of expression was entertaining – while some of the submitted photos…

Children's Discovery Museum

Visitors of all ages are invited to come and learn about basic camping skills and Texas wildlife. Learn to build a fire or catch a fish from a real kayak. There is no additional fee, as the exhibit is included in the regular entry fee.

Victoria Public Library

For walkers to age 3 with a parent or caregiver. Stories, repetitive songs, finger plays, and activities to encourage early language development and social skills.

Twin Pines North

Learn about the differences between normal aging and dementia and how different parts of the brain are affected by dementia. Discover our unique and positive approach to dementia care and techniques to provide effective care. Presented by Senior Helpers of Victoria. Please RSVP to 361-894-89…

UHV- University North Building

Victoria Emergency Management, in partnership with National Weather Service Corpus Christi, and the University of Houston – Victoria is providing a SkyWarn Storm Spotter training class. To register for this class, visit For more information about the SkyWarn pro…

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Let us dispense with the argument up front. Top 5 or Top 10 lists are very subjective — especially when you are talking all-time lists.

Music is very subjective. It has the power to take you back in time, to relive memories both powerful and emotional.

For example, I remember listening to America's Top 40 every Sunday night as a kid as I was getting ready for the upcoming school week. I still remember Casey Kasem reading the long-distance dedications, his voice choking with emotion as he conveyed the messages.

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My oldest child just started her senior year of high school, so we are in full college application mode at our house.

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Resembling an obscure 80s horror film that could have been discovered in a vault or better yet a crypt, “Luz” marks the debut of German filmmaker Tilman Singer. Screened last year at Fantastic Fest and rolling into theaters this Friday, the 70-minute tale of possession is heavy on atmosphere…

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When Wes Craven’s “Scream” opened in 1996, its success took the studio and theaters by surprise. In fact, the local Cinemark opted to put it in their dollar cinema on opening day. “Crawl” may be headed for a similar success once word of mouth spreads even though Paramount chose not to screen…

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