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I am a born and bred Texan hailing from Goliad, but have spent the past 10 years in Austin, Italy, Botswana and everywhere in between. I love having the opportunity to reconnect with my roots to tell important stories in the crossroads region.

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Education is one of the most important institutions in our country. So it’s no surprise it’s been one of the top priorities in navigating the …

A sign stating the requirement of face masks is taped on the front of a classroom door at Bloomington High School on Tuesday, Oct. 27.

Emily Webb develops her character’s background for a story with her classmates during St. Joseph High School’s storytelling elective Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Erin Mills walks around her classroom while her first-grade students work on an activity at Crain Elementary School on Tuesday, Oct. 13.

Lisa Rojas, right, helps her son John Paul Terry, 7, do online schoolwork at C3 Victory Church on Wednesday, Aug. 26. The church offered a spa…

Kendall Martinez sits at her desk during her first grade class at Shields Elementary School on Tuesday, Sept. 8, the first day Victoria’s scho…

A mannequin with a school spirit face mask stands next to a desk with hand sanitizer at the entrance of Bloomington High School.

Andi Coffman, a second grade teacher at Vickers Elementary School, talks to her remote class from her empty classroom Wednesday, Oct. 21. When…

A bottle of hand sanitizer sits on Jordan Harrison’s desk as she conducts a virtual class on the first day of school for Victoria’s school dis…

Bradyn Reagan holds out his hands for his teacher Jenny Anderson to spray with hand sanitizer at the end of a speech therapy session at Missio…

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