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Jessica Priest worked for the Victoria Advocate from August 2012-September 2019, first as the courts reporter and then as the environment/investigations reporter. Read her work now at

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Hello Martin, the island was renamed to honor its longtime warden, Chester Smith, who passed away a few years ago. His daughter and son-in-law take care of the island now. The island is also known to some as Sundown Island. Thank you for reading!


Thank you for reading. Calhoun County residents who are eligible should get out and vote on May 4. I'm sure the election administrator will update her website with polling locations and times soon. The website is We'll provide updates too, of course. :)


Thank you, Allan. I will write a correction for the next day's newspaper and correct this information online.


Thank you for the follow up, Kathryn! I remember seeing the last two isles of merchandise at the Walmart like a week before it actually closed. I'm glad the city is doing well despite that closure.


What a great story, Laura. It's great to know more about our journalism colleagues in Victoria.


I like Metro Wash. The employees are always cleaning. and I appreciate it. The machines are also fast and in good working order.


Thanks, Tom, for the explanation of the new commenting system. I got a notification from Facebook recently that I've had my account for 12 years! Hard to believe it's been that long..

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