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"I am a Houston native and 5th generation Texan, with a degree in journalism and minor in creative writing from the University of Texas at Austin. I care deeply about public interests and the community I serve.”

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For the second day in a row, Victoria County has set a new record for the number of COVID-19 cases confirmed in a single day.

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Kali Venable

Thank you for reading and your kind words, Pat. I, too, am overwhelmed by the investment so many individuals and organizations have made into restoring our community and helping those in need since Harvey. A lot of collaboration and coordination is involved, and those people continue to s…

Kali Venable

Thank you for your kind words, Virgina. While working on this story I learned that the hiring process is, of course, important in prevention of an array of misconduct, but there is also a lot that teachers, parents and the community can do to help youth find the courage to speak up and pr…

Kali Venable

Hi Glenn, thank you for reading. For your clarification, the context of the quote in reference is that anytime Eric gets pulled over he is highly alert; it did not have to do with frequency.

Kali Venable

Hi Tammy, thank you for noting the typos that needed to be corrected. I apologize for my mistakes. I've fixed the typos to correctly state that the police arrived at the restaurant at about 9:30 a.m., after Randy Saenz went to meet delivery trucks at his restaurant at 9 a.m. and found it bur…

Kali Venable

Hi Grace! I used to have a soft top Jeep Wrangler, and was always worried someone would cut through the soft top. When I had that car, I learned to leave absolutely nothing in it. Jeeps are easy targets indeed; I'm sorry to hear yours was broken into.

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Kali Venable

Hi Glenn, The company transporting the load legally obtained a permit for it from the DMV, which included detailed route instructions. The load weighs nearly 2 million pounds. As written in the permit contract, the company will be held responsible for all damages to the roadway. We will have…

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