Marina Starleaf Riker


Marina writes about housing, Hurricane Harvey recovery and local politics for the Victoria Advocate. You can reach Marina by emailing or follow her on Twitter, @MarinaStarleaf.

Makena Beatty hold her goat, Ozzi, who she plans to show in the Victoria Livestock Show. Makena spends up to 30 minutes each day teaching Ozzi…

Makena Beatty fastens a collar on her goat, Ozzi. She is planning to show Ozzi at the Victoria Livestock Show.

Makena Beatty leans into her goat, Ozzi, directing him to stand with all four of his legs lined up. she spends up to 30 minutes each day prepa…

Makena Beatty scratches her goat’s chin as a reward when he stands properly. Makena plans to show her goat, Ozzi, in the Victoria Livestock Sh…

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Hi Mary! If you'd like to get involved, we'd love to see you at a community talk this Thursday at UHV. The talk focuses on homelessness and its effect on children and schools, and there will be all sorts of agencies there that you could talk with to find out how to help. It starts at 5:30 p.…


Hi Glenn, Good question. That's basically just the story's category because it's part of our series, "Hidden in Plain Sight," which explores economic inequality after Hurricane Harvey. You can find the rest of the stories here, which examine issues ranging from wealth inequality af…


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