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usafvet43 commented on Same Story Different Version

Thanks for sharing Mike. Great piece, sorry you had to go into the Republican Sump. The reality with that world is what we normally walk past in the tabloid rack in the grocery store.


usafvet43 commented on Perception is reality

Again you nailed it Mike. Starting with the first time call any news articles that were unflattering the news source was labeled “fake news”. There were similar attacks on respectable journalists as far back as the 2012 election. It took awhile to digest the famous “alternative facts.


usafvet43 commented on Remember

Points all well made Mike. In some ways I wonder how many anti-every thing has created a subset of our population believes that each of them is a sovereign person. And law, regulation or mandate does not apply to them.

Reminds me of a five year old throwing a fit if they don’t get t…


usafvet43 commented on It's getting too hostile

I agree with the strength and founding principles of our democracy are strong. Our magnificent Constitution and institutions will survive and evolve to meet the future.

There is still a dark corner of my mind where lurks our most dangerous evil. When we watch and learn the motives o…


Thanks to the Trump rant about “Fake News” his followers have married the philosophy to Science, Medicine, History to protect themselves from reality. I still hope through some lighting bolt that internal switch will hit the “Oh….I am wrong!”

Not going to happen. Sadly most of them …


usafvet43 commented on Classic "Do as I say, not as I do"

As usual a excellent piece Mike. I have been watching the slow moving avalanche of legal grief falling on Trumps lawyers. I’m not holding my breath but somehow, somewhere some lawyers are facing disbarment and hopefully criminal charges.

One dim light at the end of the tunnel…..a fe…


usafvet43 commented on We live in Constant Turrmoil

I consider myself to be a “Harry Truman Democrat” because my father hated him and my grandfather did not….Grandpa was right.

In my mind all of out political parties are fractured several ways. In our Democratic Party we have a broad path to improve our standard of living and build a…


usafvet43 commented on Withdrawal Debacle

The more I learn about the Afghan Military and Government collapse the more I recall our history of success in leading small corrupt nations into the “Light of Democracy”. In most cases the billions of dollars and materials never got past some very sticky fingers.

At least in the tw…


Thanks Mike. Hard to imagine how these people will react when the wheels come completely off.


If you are supporting a known lie then you, in fact, are a lier. If you agree with spreading a lie you have no credibility.

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