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Daniel Martin


usafvet43 commented on Don't reboot .....Vote

Great blog Mike. In my view we Democrats have not had failures as much as we are behind schedule. Our agenda is probably over stretched but the GOP agenda consists of one word…..”no”.


Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of ho…


usafvet43 commented on It's not gloom and doom

Well stated Mike. There is no question the our voter rights are protected. It is stunning that several states have written election laws that would allow the election to be over tuned if the outcome is not what they want.

I thought the Editorial to day was excellent. I am a history …


usafvet43 commented on We need to talk about Jan. 6


Excellent blog. I would give anything to hear a one on one debate with any Republican regarding the information that the Committee has shared from the documents received. I went on Congressman Cloud’s FB page and asked him a few questions.

See below:

“Congressman C…


usafvet43 commented on Proud Democrat

Excellent blog Mike. As you and I discussed the political crystal ball is an 8 ball with an attitude. There seems to be a few cracks in the Big Lie. The voting public is fickle but is enough hits the fan some will stick to the ballot bow.

Keep swinging for the fence old friend.


The Covid-19 Fan club has professionally made protest signs promoting “Freedom of Choice” signs. Nice touch honoring the 354 Covid-19 deaths.


usafvet43 commented on Same Story Different Version

Thanks for sharing Mike. Great piece, sorry you had to go into the Republican Sump. The reality with that world is what we normally walk past in the tabloid rack in the grocery store.


usafvet43 commented on Perception is reality

Again you nailed it Mike. Starting with the first time call any news articles that were unflattering the news source was labeled “fake news”. There were similar attacks on respectable journalists as far back as the 2012 election. It took awhile to digest the famous “alternative facts.


usafvet43 commented on Remember

Points all well made Mike. In some ways I wonder how many anti-every thing has created a subset of our population believes that each of them is a sovereign person. And law, regulation or mandate does not apply to them.

Reminds me of a five year old throwing a fit if they don’t get t…


usafvet43 commented on It's getting too hostile

I agree with the strength and founding principles of our democracy are strong. Our magnificent Constitution and institutions will survive and evolve to meet the future.

There is still a dark corner of my mind where lurks our most dangerous evil. When we watch and learn the motives o…

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